No great thing was ever done by one man alone (not even by one woman)

This January 2013 let us use our UNITY (Chapter 9 in THE CIRCLE) to change our lives.

Energy is a power. There is no good energy or bad energy, energy is directed by your intention and energy is shared. When we find a way to connect to a group of people (energy) who are directing energy toward dynamic change (us) we can use that energy to do anything; heal our bodies, transforma pattern in relationship, create buzz for our ideas, draw to us what we need from the world and so on. You give the energy of the entire group an intention when you embody (CHAPTER 2) a result in The Circle.

Every relationship in your life, not just to other people but to situations and goals is part of yourself. When you are loving and correct in relationship you allow yourself to heal enough to have the world, your reality, be loving and correct with you. Every moment is an opportunity to heal/transform your life.

This month find your way to connect with the energy of The Circle, the unified energy we all share, and direct it with your intention toward transformation. Everyone has a different way that is effective for them to channel the powerful energy of “ONE”.  I use the meditation in THE CIRCLE or the experience of my heart beating with the heart of everyone in The Circle. Some of you may like to choose an object or talisman and give yourself the suggestion that everytime you touch the talisman you are connected. It is often good to create the talisman by holding it while doing the Circle meditation.

Don’t forget to use our unified energy for small things as life is made up of these seemingly meaningless experiences. Direct the energy when you are trying to find a cab, getting to work on time, finding a resolution to an argument, dieting, getting a man/womans attention and so on. Always work on your focused NEW REALITY, your one guiding wish, but use the UNITY energy for your moment to moment healing always keeping in mind that you want to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you work to make other peoples reality better you will find that the work creates your NEW REALITY as well.

Thank you all for being champions of my work, spreading the word about the books, workshops and lectures, doing the work with others and for your healings and readings for me and my family. I am blessed to be part of your reality. Thank you.

I am always open to your suggestions for workshops and group exercises

Boot Camp, my once a year intuitive training is once again at the end of September. A healing workshop will be held at Esalen Institute in July (space very limited) and there are many free workshops in New York. I will be in Los Angeles a lot this year as my son (and heart) is an artist there so if you know of book stores in Los Angeles that would like to host a one hour free workshop please let me know.

My goal city for next fall/winter is Miami so let me know if you are interested in a one day intensive in Miami. I would be holding it in South Beach.

I do healing on this whole list every morning but if you have a special healing request please e-mail me at

THE NEXT FREE ONE HOUR WORKSHOP IS AT RARE ON MARCH 12TH IN NYC. I will post all details on site soon.

I will be in Rome this summer (Aug/Sept) and would love to get together with you lovely European students/readers/intuitives/healers if you are in town. More and more I am living in Rome and looking forward to creating more community there.

I send you all love and healing, I join my heartbeat with yours as I EMBODY you in your NEW REALITY.



Let us add a little something to the mix.

Many of us get stuck in working hard and improving ourselves, picking at ourselves instead of giving our NEW REAILTY the room, love and support it needs, we need, to allow it to manifest. For the next week we are going to give ourselves a break!

Allow yourself EMBODIMENT and the knowing that what you are creating is being created even when you are not working/trying/watching. Shift your focus to peace in knowing that your NEW REALITY is happening now and you are on the right path to meet it. Have some faith in yourself and the world around you (or fake it till you make it) and simply allow.

In our night work we will join our energy to experience  joy and peace in being on the right track and having the support of the world around us.

You may notice that you NEW REALITY becomes more real, rich and defined each day as you rest into simply being and allowing what is around you to “be” as well knowing that you, using THE CIRCLE have already put in motion all the elements needed for transformation.

I join you in the peace and joy of knowing that all is right with the world.




In many traditions the new moon is a time to plant the seeds of new projects so that they have the best chance to grow.

Let us join together as a single force, focusing with every beat of our hearts to unite and confront, with each other’s help, the outer roadblocks in our lives.

For those of you who have not read The Circle, outer roadblocks are the realities in our lives that do not support us, not our inner patterns or feelings but “earth reality” like not having a job or the relationship we want, being at odds with someone in our life or not being sought after for friendship or projects. Outer roadblocks are where the world around you is not helping you achieve a New Reality.

Embodiment (The Circle chapter 2) is the effort to experience your life as you want it, not to pretend but to allow the new experience of a New Reality to feel more tangible to you. It will be a new experience, not based on memory or experience and you need to allow the experience to happen as opposed to searching for it or creating it.

When you embody and join your energy with The Circle, using all of our power and intention as one for every member of our group, you re-order the world around you to fit you better and as you do you change in order to accommodate a New Reality.

Remember, even when you are not consciously aware of helping others in The Circle (or being helped by them) when we join our energy as a single beating heart we create a dynamic where everyone is supported, healed and guided.

Let us join now and allow the New Moon to do it’s work of growing the seeds of our New Reality.



For the next few days lets add to our group work below using our telepathy, as a group, joined with each beat of our heart to reach out to our new reality and the people who influence it in a positive way and to be alert to those whom we would help who may not have  come to our attention. HOW TO RULE THE WORLD FROM YOUR COUCH has the “quick hit” for telepathy but those of you who have not read it assume that when you join your energy with the group you are in positive conversation with all around you and notice the people who come to your attention and reach out!


As a single beating heart we join our energy together to unleash our creative potential in every area of our lives.

Routines keep your life going. Without routines, every action would require thought, time and decision. Routines can also hold you back. what you expect, what you avoid and repress, where your blinders are and where you tint things rose.

Now we invite, as a single unified energy of healers, positive, creative change. You invite change and the support and opportunities from the world around you to make your change a re-birth. Together we allow life to challenge the rigidity of our habits and expectations by offering us something more.

Remember, when you have the support of a group of energy you can attract the best in life with ease. For this group work you don’t have to do anything. You will take care of each other and allow others to take care of you. With every beat of your heart, every minute of the night and day you will be healed, transformed, enlightened and showered with all that life has to offer and this experience of abundance will change you as your being changes the lives of every member of our Circle (and every life every member touches).

Even as you sleep your dreams and your energy will allow the group to heal you and your life as you heal and connect with the infinite reach of The Circle

Please share your experiences on this blog!

I always appreciate re-tweets, facebook et al of these posts

From Rome Italy I send you all healing and I look forward to transforming with you!




My friend Carol always reminds me that no great thing was ever done by one person alone. We need each other to achieve our dreams and we need to be useful to others to feel purpose in our lives.

When we join our energy in The Circle we are using our community of energy to change patterns and create outcomes that we could not create on our own. We are also using our unique perspective, intuition and strength to create for others, take them our of their pain, remove their roadblocks and bring resources toward them.

Thirty four years ago I was in the hospital for a minor injury.  I was young and frightened by spending the night alone in the hospital. I curled up in my bed and softly cried. It was lights out and in the next bed was a woman hooked up to so many machines and tubes that it was clear she was very ill. Until I had spent some of my tears I hadn’t noticed her. I looked over in the darkened room and saw that she was awake and looking at me with soft concern. She asked me if I was O.K. and if I needed anything and I was ashamed that I was being so cowardly about my pain when she was so silently brave about her much greater injury. I apologized and she said something that I will always remember, “everybody’s pain hurts the same”. This simple statement, this permission, accompanied by this dying woman’s compassion taught me to value other peoples struggles and my ability to ease them. Whenever I work on someone who seems to be making a big thing about a small concern or when I am upset about something that I know, in the scheme of things, is not important I remember “everybody’s pain hurts the same” and I am honored to soothe another and grateful when someone takes the time to soothe and heal me without judgement.

As a Community we have the ability to share our energy, love, resources and compassion to ease others pain and we give other’s a gift when we express our need and allow them to do the same for us.

The gift of intuition allows us to heal others from a distance. We connect with pulse of energy we all share and we can be active agents of change. In doing this we gain wisdom, healing and the power of COMMUNITY to allow us to be supported by and useful in the lives of others.

Over the next few weeks let us join, as a single beating heart, to embody our New Reality and as we do empower everyone in our community to reach their place of peace, their New Reality.

Consciously connect with your community of friends, family, work, neighbors and other people who cross your path. Look for where you can fill need, heal pain, create miracles and expect others to do the same for you.

Before you go to sleep at night make a list, mentally, through art or in writing of the problems and wishes you would like the group to work on as you sleep and remind yourself to be available in your sleep state to join others in healing their lives.

Everyone is precious and everyone is powerful, no matter how you may feel or judge yourself at any given moment. You have much to give and you deserve the support of those around you. We share a single energy and your challenges, your courage, your success and growth is success for us all, healing for us all.

When we practice a conscious awareness of COMMUNITY and practice UNITY we create dynamic and miraculous change for ourselves and the world.



Please check the schedule for free workshops and the once a year September Practical Intuition Boot Camp. Let us all send each other extra healing as we practice the powerful element of UNITY.

Please spread this post with your social media (I love that I now know what “social media” means!)

I am always grateful for your presence in my life,



Those of you who know me know that I am not big on positive thinking. If a bullet is headed for you no amount of “I am safe and this bullet will not hit me so I can close my eyes” is going to work!

I am also not big on negative thinking. If all you see are the obstacles you will miss the opportunities to create what you want.

I am a big fan of realistic thinking, seeing things as they are, which can be devastating and frightening, and reminding yourself that you can, in this moment, create change. Realistic thinking takes courage and commitment because not only do you have to allow yourself to see what is you need to take action and do something about it!


You are probably ready for some good news.

You have everything you need to create the life you want. It isn’t always easy (in fact the easy to difficult ratio is a little rough) but you have many skills that when engaged will create dynamic, positive change and you have the energy of our group.

Intuition will give you options that you could not otherwise imagine based on experience and intellect. Intuition will take you to the place you want to go and give you the map to create it. You are creating your own obstacles and opportunities and when you accept this responsibility it empowers you to change things. If someone else or something else is at fault it means that you are powerless in the interaction!! When it is your “fault” it is a good thing!

The energy of a group, committed to creating change will help you transform what is simply too painful or too hopeful for you to see and address on your own. Everyone has a subconscious and there are some things in ourselves and the world that we simply cannot “see” . We all have blind spots (me too, darn!) but when you embody your New Reality (THE CIRCLE CHAPTER 2) and join your energy to the community everyone helps transform your life and their energy does not avoid your blind spots!

Our new project is to allow, yes allow, not imagine that which we cannot yet conceive of but ALLOW great things to happen in our lives, our reality testing, our relationships, our finances, our inner beings, our bodies, our families, our REALITY! We commit, as a group, to allowing miracles now.


Please share your successes and your struggles in our comments so that we can make this journey together.

The September boot camp training in NYC, my once a year certificate program in intuition and healing is on the events page. Let me know if you have any questions and I hope to see you there. My e-mail is

As always, I am grateful for your healing and energy in my life. Your insights, healing, support of our work and questions make my every day joyful.


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You are a creature capable of amazing and dramatic positive change and healing. It takes courage to experience what you have hidden from yourself deep in your subconscious and the courage comes from the knowledge that you are not alone and that, in this moment, intuition will give you the tools to take your limitations, judgements, fears and weaknesses and use them to create your desired state of being and a New Reality in your life.


We all have patterns and memories, some stored below our conscious awareness, creating limits in our lives. Our subconscious tells us to keep them hidden as, at one time, this repression was adaptive, it helped our younger selves survive. However what once saved you may now be holding you in an old state of being that is limiting and without all the hope and opportunity that is available to you right now in your life.

For the next few weeks, as a single, powerful energy, a single beating heart, we will join our energy with each person in The Circle and allow our patterns and memories to come to our awareness with clarity and healing, in doses that we can comfortably manage and integrate into our New Reality.

You will find your life and your experience of your life and yourself transforming dramatically with the help of the combined focus and energy of the group. Remember to set your intention before sleep to untangle your inner roadblocks and join your energy with The Circle so that the healing that has been to obscure or challenging for you to create on your own can be empowered by others!


You can now register for the September BOOT CAMP certificate training in intuition and healing in New York City. The information is on the site under BOOT CAMP. Someone already has a hotel space for 3 women for a room share for the week end. I will be sending out a list of people who want to share rooms in August.

I am also looking for a Los Angeles book store to host a free one hour workshop. If you have a local bookshop please let them know!!

Rare salon (on Church Street) and I will be hosting a free event in NYC September 11 so that we can heal together (and our world) on this very significant day. I will be posting all the information soon but save the date. I love seeing you all work together, read each other, heal each other and help our newcomers discover their gifts and their possibilities. I can’t wait to see you all.

I am grateful for your energy and your presence in our Circle.

Please tweet, Face Book and spread the word!



I hope that you all felt the energy of our Esalen group this week end.

We were connecting to the Circle ( all of you!) and sending (and receiving from you all) energy to co-create our New Reality.

Let us join in sleep work together, preparing each night by doing EMBODIMENT in The Circle, becoming our New Reality , joining our energy as a single beating heart and working for one another in our sleep state to create dramatic change and healing for each of us.



Take a moment to re-commit to your NEW REALITY, your wish in THE CIRCLE. You have infinite power and possibility but often, you are going in so many different directions that you cannot use this power to create meaningful change.

Direct your power over the next week by doing the first element of THE CIRCLE and affirming a single wish to create a New Reality in your life.

Remember, you have the united power of this entire group to co-create you wish for you and with you as you do the same for others. This week end I will be teaching an intensive on THE INTUITIVE LIFESTYLE at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and we will add the energy of this group to our own Circle of energy.

Expect change and help from events and people around you. Notice, as many times a day as you can, that your heart and the heart of everyone in this group beats together to send out the pattern of energy for success, abundance, love, healing and your New Reality. Don’t forget to include your physical health, weight, state of mind.. the basics… in your New Reailty.

Do the INTEGRITY chapter in The Circle Workbook and use intellect and common sense along with intuition to allow all of the parts of your life to work together powerfully to create for you!

Registration for the once a year Boot Camp Intuitive Training in New York City is now open. You can access the link on the web site. Let me know when you sign up if you do not want your e-mail included on the list for dinner plans and room shares.

Please post in the comments so we can share in a meaningful way the work we are doing for one another and I always appreciate re-tweets, face book shares and so on!

I look forward to finding venues for free events in Los Angeles (book stores, health centers and so on) so keep your eyes peeled.

I am grateful to be part of this Circle and for the amazing changes all of your energy create in my life and the lives of my loved ones.




We each have so many tangents in our lives, projects, relationships, wishes, incomplete changes, hopes and wishes that are unfinished. Let us begin with summer (today!) to allow all the loose ends to meet in the most perfect way, within us and around us, creating our New Reality so perfectly that it is beyond our current experience or imagination.

Working as a group we can empower one another, illuminate each other’s blind spots and magnetize each of us to bring toward us the people, events and opportunities that will create immediate and dynamic resolution in our lives.




and intention to resolve the old, patterns the INNER ROADBLOCKS in our lives.

Of course, we all have our blind spots, beliefs and habits formed over a lifetime which do not allow us to respond effectively to new opportunities and resolve obstacles.

We do however have the power of the group, the skill of being a CIRCLE and combining our powerful intent to re-create life for ourselves and one another. If you have never participated in this powerful joining you may not be aware of how quickly a community can resolve your life long problems and blind spots. If you have been part of the group and you are feeling stuck you may need to recommit to the practice of consciously joining THE CIRCLE and allowing the group to do with you what you cannot do alone.

For the next few weeks we will allow the group to create inner change, physical, structural, financial, emotional, spiritual, change in relationships and perceptions FROM THE INSIDE OUT!

All change begins from within us and our being is reflected in our lives.

Notice your dreams, thoughts, creativity and concerns as you participate in this powerful process of resetting the course of your future by working on your INNER ROADBLOCKS.

Let us do together the workbook chapter on INNER ROADBLOCKS.

Your comments are always welcome on the site (in other words.. please comment and let us all know about your journey and how we can help)

I am jumping around the elements of THE CIRCLE instead of doing them chapter by chapter as many of you are skilled enough in the process to learn to call upon each element as you need it instead of doing THE CIRCLE in order. It is, after all, a CIRCLE. You can enter at any point and use each skill as the situation requires.

Most of all remember that TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!

I look forward to seeing you at the once a year BOOT CAMP training in intuition and healing in September in New York. You can register on the web site and with your individual permission I will, in August, send out a group list so that you can share hotel rooms, dinner reservations and readings after hours!



And a special thanks to all of you working on my lower back and my sweet cat!!

Samson sends his love (many of you have known his since his birth 20 years ago) and thanks you for your comments on his photography web site (


Today, as a single beating heart, let us join energy to bring love and beauty into our life’s and express love and beauty in every part of our being. Our physical body changes as love transforms every cell, our emotional, spiritual, even our creative and financial lives transform as we infuse them with the true power of love and beauty empowered by our connection to one another through The Circle
xo Laura

Today, as a single beating heart, let us join energy to bring love and beauty into our life’s and express love and beauty in every part of our being. Our physical body changes as love transforms every cell, our emotional, spiritual, even our creative and financial lives transform as we infuse them with the true power of love and beauty empowered by our connection to one another through The Circlexo Laura