Not all of your thoughts and feelings are your own. We are porous creatures. If you are living with someone who is anxious or depressed, you may find yourself feeling or even acting out their pathology, especially if they are not actively treating their symptoms.

Everyone is a psychic. That has an upside, and, frankly, a downside. You can use your psychic/intuitive abilities in your daily life to improve relationships, plan a better future, and, most importantly, feel better. You won’t need crystals, meditation, or even belief. But you will need to train intuition, because whether it works for you or against you, it is always working.

Now is the time to be in the moment. In this moment you can revise the past and create the future but only if you are fully present in the now.
As we continue to do The Circle, and build a New Reality together, let us now focus on the art of simply being.
Sometimes striving and focusing actually narrows your field of possibility. A laissez-faire attitude doesn’t allow you to put the work into your goals either. If you have been doing the work on this site and in The Circle, you have already set in motion what you want. Now is the time to be fully present in what is and be active in the opportunities of the moment.
Start by making a list of the issues you want to resolve now; physical, relational, financial, emotional and situational. Once you have done this and you are comfortable that you won’t “forget” to put energy into your wishes, let it all go.
Our job now is to join together in our Circle and to BE in our moment. In order to do this you will find yourself addressing discomforts in a novel way.
Every day pick one person on our list
( ) for whom you will focus your love and healing. You can let them know or you can do it anonymously (don’t forget me!!!!!!! and of course I will do this too). Once an hour, experience our entire Circle in an energy of perfect health, peace, abundance, creativity, love and joy and, of course, at 6 p.m. New York Time, join with the Circle and ALLOW as you bless others with your energetic presence.
Most of all, remember to be present for what is, in the moment. Whatever is happening in the moment IS the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Allow yourself to suspend the judgement of the process until you can look back and experience the gains. If we all devote ourselves to this, I think we will experience our lives transform quickly and beautifully.
Take a breath, right now, and on your exhalation, experience (or even suggest to yourself) that you are positively and powerfully connected to our Circle of beings, committed to our own and each others healing, and, to everyone positive and healing that is connected to every being in our Circle, and so on and so on.
Remember, you are not alone and TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!
Please spread the word of the workshops! I appreciate your support!

I used to hate the saying “Fake it ’till you make it” but that is what we are going to join together to do in this exercise. The element we are working on is Embodiment in The Circle and Body Heat (but used on ourselves!) in How To Rule The World From Your Couch.
Take a breath, right now, and on your exhalation, experience (or even suggest to yourself) that you are positively and powerfully connected to our Circle of beings, committed to our own and each others healing, and, to everyone positive and healing that is connected to every being in our Circle, and so on and so on.
Take a moment and, without anything external having to change in your life, find your “happy place”. Use gratitude, movement, sound, prayer, meditation, music, friendship, anything that brings you to a place where you can feel, or even entertain the possibility of feeling, what you want to feel in your life.
Use affirmations, true positive statements, to open the possibility for change. Be mindful of your self speak and your telepathy (both incoming and outgoing) and use discipline to engage in true, yet supportive and affirming thoughts about yourself and life and disengage from toxic telepathy by redirecting your thoughts to joyful or constructive themes.
This exercise is about self love, self healing, self empowerment and responsibility for your state of being. Life will have it’s ups and downs but you have infinite choices in how you will experience them and, as most of us know, what you are you create!
This is not ignoring what is difficult, what is challenging, what must be addressed or resolved. You are choosing to change the energy with which you address these things.
We join, now and throughout this exercise, as one, unified, powerful and effective energy of healing to allow our positive choices and attitudes to re-create our health, our life, our experience of the world and, one another’s reality.

We have all been working hard on the elements of The Circle. This week we join, as one unified and healing energy, to do the hardest thing of all: Let go!

As we continue to work on being in the moment, in joy, we let go of our intention, our struggle, outcomes, snags, and all of the rest and we simply release our being into The Circle and each other’s fine care, for resolution.

That means that this week we do not focus on our New Reality. We simply include one another as part of this magnificent body of energy and love. We affirm our commitment to be there for one another as we allow instead of intending, for ourselves.

My husband said to me recently, while I was struggling with something and driving myself crazy, “I’ve got you” (rarely does he use colloquial English so the expression was even more stunning). Lets say that to one another and lets really work to put one another in the perfect matrix of healing as we release our own healing to The Circle.

You may want to review the chapter on Unity in The Circle and work on your Crisis type (Welcome to your Crisis), so that you can be present to the miracles of the moment instead of reacting to the patterns of the past.

Dear Circle,

This week we join as one energetic community to create Coherence in our lives and in within our being. When you have Coherence you are in Integrity and when you are in Integrity, you are unstoppable.

When you are in Integrity, with yourself and your world, you seamlessly create your New Reality. Integrity, in yourself is the work to have your different goals, beliefs , and personas some of them conflicting, be in dialog with each other until they find a communality. In your life it is the ongoing effort to live within your core beliefs while making the adjustments and compromises needed to thrive.

Integrity is Coherence in The Circle. Do your Coherence exercises. Write down your goals and use the suggestions in the chapter to sort out where they conflict and to come up with creative compromises.

Do the same exercise on many selves. Dialog with the different parts of you, the moral person, the angry person, the generous person, the survivor , and so on, until you find a central place in yourself where you can deliver a coherent message.

The gift of Coherence, of Integrity, is Right Action. When you resolve inner conflict you become a unified, powerful, source of action. You act from an inner place of intention and centeredness and what ever comes at you is metabolized in a way that empowers you.

Pay special attention this week to your Crisis type so that your automatic reactions don’t interfere with your commitment to Coherence. You may want to build on last weeks awareness of your new Personal Mythology so that you remain Coherent in the face of inevitable frustrations! Remember, you can’t always choose what happens to you but you can choose how you respond to it! Give your Integrity the power, not your reactivity, and you will prevail.

I love reading your sharing and experiencing how supportive and wise you are for one another. Thank you all for your openness and generosity.

I very much appreciate it when you “share” the exercise and broaden our Circle! Thank you to all of you who “shared”



Dear Circle,

The Reality Tales you did last week engaged Precognition and, ideally, illuminated some new options for your goals.

Our group work this week will focus on your being the hero of our own story. Continue working on your Reality Tales (P 138,139,140 in The Circle) however this week you will focus on who you are within them and not on what is happening outside of you in your New World! If you want to do this exercise more in depth it is in , Welcome to Your Crisis, chapter 8, Rewriting Your Personal Mythology.

Here are some questions to address before you start this weeks Reality Tales

What is the story that you tell about your life?
What character are you in this story? What would the story of your life look like, told with truth, in a way that would support your New Reality?
How would you describe yourself in this New Reality?
What would you have to let go of in your description/view of self to embrace this new you?

Keep reviewing these questions this week and let you intimate, intuitive, wise sense of self help you transform.

As always, the most powerful part of The Circle, is that we work, as one energy, to create each of our individual healings and New Realities.

Our group work will be to join as one, unified, healing force to co-create each of our new stories and transformations as we fully become the person who can live in the New Reality we are creating. As you do this you will see that Synchronicity/Effectiveness becomes almost effortless as you address Inner Roadblocks, allow healing and let go of the parts of your story that no longer fit who you are.

I know this weeks work is a lot of work but this is our Spring Cleaning, making room for a burst of life!

November Boot Camp, certificate training in Practical Intuition is up as is the June, Esalen workshop.

I join you all in The Circle.



This is a week about effectively using our own healing (from last week) and the energy of The Circle and our unity within it, to consciously, synchronistically, effectively create your New Reality.

As one unified energy, we join to empower each other in Precognition in How To Rule The World From Your Couch, which corresponds to Synchronicity/Effectiveness in The Circle. You may want to spend the week working on your Reality Tales (P 138,139, 140) in The Circle.

A word about Precognition. We are often least clear intuitively about issues or people who put us in Crisis. There is a tendency to seek out the kind of information that “lights up” our reaction type (Anxiety, Rage, Denial or Depression). You may want to practice and train your Precognition on positive and creative goals as opposed to “predicting” things that you are preoccupied with. Reality Tales are a way to engage precognition to allow possible scenarios to be intuited, reformed, and reconstructed. Your reality tales, if you do them regularly, will give you a lot of accurate, intuitive, predictive data to work with in making the adjustments and choices that will create your best reality. Your Reality Tales will help you identify what you really care about and how to work in the present to create the best future. Don’t edit yourself as you create your Reality Tales. If something is there that you no longer want or is not a prediction that you are comfortable with, Precognition will allow you find solutions to create a different reality. The gift of Synchronicity is Effectiveness. You will work with precognition and the world around you as the world around you shifts to co-create your New Reality. Everything becomes easier, fluid, supported and inspired. All of the sudden you meaningful coincidences occur that carry you to your goal and to your most joyful self. You are prepared, through Precognition, to make use of them and as you have more impact on the world, the world, in turn, offers you experiences for your healing and growth; the necessary inner shifts that have to occur for you to be a holistic part of your New Reality. Not only does the world have to shift to accommodate the new but you have to shift as well. Although inner change is often challenging, it will bring you to a powerful place of joy and strength. 

As always, the most powerful part of The Circle, is that we work, as one energy, to create each of our individual healings and New Realities. Let us embody each other, clear and accurate in our Precognition and empowered to make the changes that we need to make to create our New Reality.

This week we work in a new way with Making Space. Let us commit together to Making Space in The Circle! Every time we are faced with clutter, challenge, intrusive thoughts or resistant behaviors, let us ask ourselves, what would I rather use this energy for. Notice the clutter in your life/mind/world/relationships and when you can, Make Space.

If we all participate, with commitment, joining The Circle, many times a day, and before sleep, our lives will change dramatically this week and in the weeks to come as we work as one, unified community to Make Space and create Transformation in our lives. Add your New Reality to our group healing list at

I suggest that you do the Packing Your Trunk exercise on Page 80 of Welcome To Your Crisis and review Making Space/Transformation in The Circle. As the week progresses, make conscious choices about where you put your energy, resources and thoughts. Expect to be presented with challenges and trigger and each time greet them with excitement as they are occasions to choose something new.

Every time you are about to “react” ask yourself if you really want to continue the old dynamic, and, if not, what you are choosing to put the energy into that is new!

“ Learning to live well means learning to let go. That knowledge and ability make us joyful and successful.

     We all realize the importance of giving up harmful things in our lives: A bad relationship, a debilitating job,. But relinquishing even these things is often impossible until you let go of the sense of self that is bound up with these things.”  (Welcome to Your Crisis p 67)

Making Space is difficult and we all respond to the challenge by defaulting to our Crisis Type. Notice when your reaction style comes up for you and do something different. Remember that we all have elements of all of the types but you are one, predominant type and you have been in “Type” since you were a child.

“* If you are a denial type, chances are that you don’t often see the crisis coming

*If you are an anger type, you probably create most of your crises by destabilizing situations through rage.

* If you are an anxiety type, you are so busy dealing with problems that don’t really exist or matter that the real situations in your life grow to crisis proportions.

* If you are a depression type, you probably let your problems pile up, retreating from appropriate actions even when you know what actions to take, until situations are truly at a crisis point. “ (Welcome To Your Crisis- p 98/98)

Denial Types- Do something that causes you to FEEL. Sing a song that makes you emotional, watch a you tube that elicits feeling so that your effectiveness can address what is really going on and what you want to achieve

Anxiety Types- Do ANYTHING to distract yourself from your obsessions and worries. These obsessive thoughts do not contain your answers! Clean your sock drawer, help a friend with their problem, dance! When you distract your clarity shines through and creates right action for you to achieve your goals.

Anger Types- Release the charge. If you are alone do something physical, jumping jacks for example, until you are calm and your passion, your unique ability to pursue your dreams ceaselessly, can work effectively for you to create change.

Depression Types- Make one small move towards self support. Pick a tiny thing you can do now to address a problem and do it allowing your depth of being and understanding to have impact in your life.


Work with our unified Circle and you own awareness to Make Space for Transformation and your New Reality to occur.

I very much appreciate it when you “share” the exercise and broaden our Circle!

I am excited to hear from you all how this week unfolds. When you share your successes with us you empower our Circle!

I look forward to seeing you upstate New York people at the Circle event on Sunday in Woodstock New York




This week we will commit to working as one unified body of energy on Embodiment and the particular gifts and vulnerabilities that our natural capacity for Mediumship provide. You may want to review Embodiment in The Circle and Mediumship in How To Rule The World From Your Couch.

Here are some excerpts from the Couch chapter on Mediumship and the ones I want you to work on in your embodiment this week.


“Mediumship is the first intuitive skill that we empoy as babies….Meduimship is the ability to merge so completely with something or someone else that we experience ourself as the other. ( How To Rule The World From Your Couch)


“ Once your mind gets over the idea that you can’t become someone or something else, your mediumship skills will blossom quickly. … You are always experiencing a whole universe of people inside of you and thinking that the experience is your own.” ( How To Rule The World From Your Couch)


So our work for this week is two fold. Use your Mediumship to experience people who have achieved what you want in your New Reality and BE AWARE of your own experience and how you may have uninvited peoples experiences inside of you! Get them out. How? Use mindfulness. Go through your senses one by one and limit what you are experiencing by what is real and true in this moment. Are you feeling depressed? Who comes to mind? Might they be inside of you in a way that you didn’t invite them to be? This may not be intentional on their part. Now, what is real for you in this moment? Is it a nice day? Are you doing something pleasant or doing some unpleasant chore effectively in a way that could make you feel good? REALLY BE IN THE BEST OF THIS MOMENT. YOU, ONLY YOU, INSIDE OF YOU! Most of the time you will find that you are really OK! Even Joyful when you get the energy distortions out of you.

Please work on each person on our list at least once a day. A good healing focus is to embody their New Reality filling them completely and displacing anything that is “other” than their own best being.

Please share with the group, if you are comfortable doing so, the changes that you experience as you master your own energy.

Please share this post and help our group and the work grow. I look forward to healing with you and working together to recreate reality.

Where attention goes, energy flows!

This week we will work as one unified energy to do something new. It is an aspect of Embodiment in The Circle, and you can review it in How To Rule The World From Your Couch, under Telepathy. Here is a passage from the book that describes our work this week.

“Before we address how you can use telepathy effectively, we must address the impediments to your natural ability. Right now I want you to be aware of the conversations you have in your head and heart that have no real goal. These include conversations with people who have hurt you in the past; arguments that, even if resolved, have no positive outcome; desires for acknowledgment that really bring you no tangible gain; discussions with the world at large or with God that is too esoteric to bear real results in your life; even conversations you have habitually with yourself that are disempowering.” (p )

This week we master our minds and clear the space for our Telepathy to be directed at conversations that are useful to us. Perhaps with an future employer or love partner, or even with your highest self. This takes discipline, as you choose, over and over again, to direct your attention to what is healing, empowering and what will create a New Reality of your choosing for you.

When we work as one energy, unified by a common intent, miraculous things occur. When you change your telepathy, you change the world.

Please share with the group, if you are comfortable doing so, the changes that you experience as you master your own mind.

I look forward to seeing you all in Phoenix this weekend and exchanging readings and healings!

You can post your New Reality or intuitive questions here.