Energy Workers make space for change!

Dear Circle,

We join energy and intention this month to use our skill as energy workers to release and transform old energy into NEW LIFE!

Let go of something old and choose what you want to use the energy to create. It can be something as simple as clearing out old papers, letting go of a grudge or even, as I have done this month, giving away cherished old possessions which become new treasures for the recipients and make room for new achievements.

Making Space requires a life review. What parts of you no longer serve you and how can you release them. Our possessions are often symbols for whole periods of experience or for a person we once were. Look at where you have learned the lesson, acquired the skill, integrated the loss, accepted the reward and move on. You can never get something back, as YOU have changed. You can use that energy in your life now to create your dreams.

The Practical Intuition once a year Boot Camp training is in NYC at the end of September. Let me know if you have any questions about this very challenging training!

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I put daily exercises on lauradayintuit@twitter and I do healing each morning on your healing requests which you can send to Please make them short as, for your privacy, I am the only one reading my e-mail.

Please keep me and my family in your healing as well!



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