As we continue to work on OUTER ROADBLOCKS (SEE LAST BLOG POST)

Let us add a little something to the mix.

Many of us get stuck in working hard and improving ourselves, picking at ourselves instead of giving our NEW REAILTY the room, love and support it needs, we need, to allow it to manifest. For the next week we are going to give ourselves a break!

Allow yourself EMBODIMENT and the knowing that what you are creating is being created even when you are not working/trying/watching. Shift your focus to peace in knowing that your NEW REALITY is happening now and you are on the right path to meet it. Have some faith in yourself and the world around you (or fake it till you make it) and simply allow.

In our night work we will join our energy to experience  joy and peace in being on the right track and having the support of the world around us.

You may notice that you NEW REALITY becomes more real, rich and defined each day as you rest into simply being and allowing what is around you to “be” as well knowing that you, using THE CIRCLE have already put in motion all the elements needed for transformation.

I join you in the peace and joy of knowing that all is right with the world.




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