Are you a victim of psychic attack?

Are you a victim of Psychic attack?

Are you having trouble manifesting your goals? Are you physically and emotionally depleted? Do you suddenly look less attractive than you used to? Are you unable to bounce back from a failed relationship or a disappointment? Have you lost faith in yourself? You talents? Are you unable to let go of a person or situation? Are you attracting challenging synchronicities?

If out of the blue and without cause you feel anxious, depressed, angry or otherwise out of sorts you may be under psychic attack. If you begin making mistakes or having situations and relationships in your life go wrong without reason, you may be under psychic attack and there are actions you can take right now to re-claim your life

In my circles there is a lot of talk about psychic attack without much information about what it is. To understand psychic attack it is important to be aware of the way that people communicate non-locally or at a distance. Most people have experienced knowing that a loved one far away needed them without being informed in a traditional way or calling a loved one at the exact same moment that that person called you. That is an instance of non-local communication.

The person attacking you may not even be conscious that they are doing so. Because of the nature of telepathy (mind to mind communication) someone who is consistently directing his or her negative emotion at you is unconsciously attacking you. Your mind cannot differentiate between the feelings you are being “sent” and your healthy feelings about yourself and the world. Additionally, living with someone who is in the grip of toxic emotion can transmit that emotion to you. We are sponges, especially with those with whom we have or have had a close emotional bond.

Over fifty years of research on parapsychology by major universities such as Duke and Stanford as well as government research in areas such as remote viewing has shown that non-locality is a fact of life not just for human beings but even for the smallest organisms.

We as human beings thrive by allowing our strengths to support our weaknesses. Psychic attack works by illuminating your weaknesses so that in essence you attack yourself emotionally, spiritually and by your behavior in the world. Psychic self-defense protects you and can even strengthen you by reversing this process. The key to psychic self-defense is to be scrupulous about releasing toxic thoughts, habits, energy, emotion and thoughts by redirecting your attention to the positives in your life and keeping maintaining healthy routines. Psychic attack works by getting into the “cracks” in your life, sense of self and routine.

In my book HOW TO RULE THE WORLD FROM YOUR COUCH I teach people how to use their intuitive senses such as precognition (knowing the future), telepathy, medium ship and healing. One of the most important parts of that book, and one that initially my readers find less compelling, is how to block and defend those senses. This is the core of psychic self-defense and the key to using all of your energy productively in your own life.

If you feel under attack here are some very effective remedies.

1.     Call on your guides, friends and healers. There is power in numbers. Ask them to include you daily in their prayers, meditations and healings.

2.     Redirect your thoughts. One of the symptoms of psychic attack is that your thoughts are drawn to the vulnerable in yourself. When you have toxic thoughts or dwell or even obsess about someone or something, consciously redirect your thoughts to something or someone constructive. At first you may need to do this hundreds of times a day! Make a list of positive goals in your life and choose from this list whenever you have a painful or self-loathing thought.

3.     Take a sea salt bath with 4 white candles (representing your stability) while imaging light and grace filling your body and life with every breath you take.

4.     Focus on what is right in your life. Psychic attack works by engaging you in your own darkness. Spend time in the “sunny rooms” of your life.

5.     When you are vulnerable stay away from situations and people who have an undermining effect on your life and self worth. Often, unfortunately, we are related to these people! Limit the time you spend in contact with anyone who is not 100 percent on your team.

6.     Avoid rumination and projection. Be mindful and in the moment. Your power is not in the past or in the future it is in the moment.

7. Create holy water. Studies of water (Dr. Emoto and others) have shown that if you hold water while experiencing a positive feeling that water is transformed in a way that creates health/blessings. Before you eat or drink send healing images and loving energy to whatever goes into you. It is your own magic potion. You can ask others to bless your food/drink for you. This is the hidden power of saying grace over food. I always have a case of water that I ask people to bless and I share with neighbors to drink, put on injuries, dying plants, and so on.

8. Create sacred spaces.  Smudge your bed and put some talisman, crystals or other symbols of protection around you. Create an alter. Make sure that your living environment is a clean, blessed and sacred as you can make it. Allow your home to be your temple.

9. Maintain healthy habits and routines. Psychic attack works by challenging your balance. Use discipline to maintain good food, sleep, exercise and interpersonal habits and healthy self-talk.

10. Do not retaliate. When someone attacks they are leaving their own life exposed. Energy is limitless but attention is not. If you are using your attention to harm or manipulate someone that is attention that is directed away from building the successful healthy life you deserve.

During times of psychic attack it is important to do all of the earth reality things such as seeing your doctor if you are feeling physically ill or a therapist if you feel you can’t cope.  If your malaise lifts and your life feels on track when using the above suggestions you were probably a victim of psychic attack!  You may want to have one ritual you do every day to clear your energy such as mediation, blessing your food and drink or taking a salt bath just to keep intruders away!

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  1. Mark Pinto
    Mark Pinto says:

    This was amazing I felt like you were talking to me! Even tho I don’t think I’m under psychic attack ? Who knows either way I’m excited to do the stuff on the list that I’m not doing already ! Thank you!

  2. Lynda
    Lynda says:


    How do you differentiate between a psychic attack and the drama/pain that comes with a twin soul connection?

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      They are one in the same. All relationships are works in progress and transforming the drama into something constructive is a profound healing. Sometimes it is helpful to get someone outside the relationship to work on you both and heal the connection. We all have our blind spots especially with those closest to us!

  3. Jackie Morrison
    Jackie Morrison says:

    What about raising one’s vibration higher so whatever is lower falls off faster? In addition to what you listed above do you have any tips on shielding oneself so any “darts” from negative people bounce off?

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      We always have to deal with our own shadow so we cannot always stay at a higher vibration. Working on being less reactive always helps with the “darts”. Also, cleansing rituals are important for “darts” that you don’t know have hit you! Always, working on yourself and your own shadow, accepting that none of us are pure light and forgiving yourself for your dark side as you strive to bring illumination to your thoughts and feelings does the double work of protecting you and evolving you.

      • Jackie
        Jackie says:

        Hi Laura,

        Would you ever record an audio or video that can help “send back” the bad energy from someone? I do epsom salt bathss and burn sage to clear my space. I find that if something can’t get into my consciousness then it often won’t affect me from someone else’s darts.

        • Laura Day
          Laura Day says:

          The best psychic self defense is to embody your own New Reality, the second element in The Circle. If you are full of you nothing else can get in unless it serves you. Also do the exercises in How to Rule the World from your Couch to undo mediumship and telepathy!

  4. sun
    sun says:

    Thanks Laura this was a very important article .

    I so appreciate your bringing this up and being so detailed in your outline of how to respond and to act and to clear.

    These reminders are always timely and important.

    Much Blessing and love.

  5. Zuri
    Zuri says:

    Any suggestions for applying this to road rage (including rage directed at you and the rage that I direct at other people?)

    PS Doing this exercise sometimes highlights the negativity I send other people and also by shifting to more positive thoughts or experiences I am more vulnerable to not noticing problems and issues. Is there any way to offset that or still be aware while being more positive?

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      If you are striving for a place of peace you will notice that which is not of that peace. Problems, as you know from embodying in The Circle, will actually be more visible to you but less disruptive. None of us are perfect and we all struggle with our ill thoughts as well as those directed towards us. The more you work on your own reactivity the more powerful you will be in transforming difficult situations into successes. Your number one job is to work on self. You are the person you can change and often others reflect your changes in improved behavior or, when they don’t, they fade from your life.

  6. Carly
    Carly says:

    This post is very me at the moment. I feel like I am taking all the ‘earth reality’ steps I can and also doing the intuitive work but the world is just not responding. It is very frustrating. I know I am ‘limiting’ myself sometimes by going for jobs that are way below where I need to be but the ‘big’ jobs just aren’t coming. It’s gotten to the point where I feel like I’ll just take anything, which I know in my heart isn’t the right attitude because I shouldn’t limit myself. Anyone else struggling with this?

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      If you need a job that is a fine attitude in my opinion and you work from where you are. Denying where you are in the moment is the worst kind of self sabotage. There are many times where I have just had to except that a disappointing reality was the reality FOR NOW and work from that reality towards a better tomorrow. Struggling against what is, is wasted energy. Accept and then put the energy you save into embodying your New Reality.

  7. DRE
    DRE says:

    I have been really anxious lately, feeling despondent and broken. I am losing faith in my dreams. But this past week, I left for a week away from home and that distance is enabling me to live in the moment. How can I keep that up when I return home to my normal environment? Hugs

  8. Anne
    Anne says:

    Laura, thank you so much for this! Like all your posts, this hits me at the perfect time. Although I don’t feel that I am under attack, I do feel as though I have been ‘attacking’ someone else – obsessing in an unhealthy manner, even after deciding to move on. Over the past few days I have been attempting to implement your suggestions as best I can, and I’ve been feeling better. The advice on redirecting attention has been especially helpful, and I love the suggestion on spending more time in the ‘sunny rooms of your life’ – what a beautiful image!

    Every person on this blog is one of my guides and healers, so I request that you will include me in your daily prayers and healings.

    Laura, I loved the numbered list. It was VERY helpful for me to have things laid out so systematically.

  9. A star girl
    A star girl says:

    The word psychic attack, it may fit to the situation what I started to have at a place and by now.
    A lot of strange incidents had happen since after October.
    I mind what I could not make it before and the story truned to be a much different and I felt I was so insulted.
    Actually some people are working on to insult me and oust me from their society, companies, may be from the country but it is not based on a real story and they hurt me a lot.
    I feel what people talk or do, so I get hurt every day.
    My wish could not be made twenty years ago, otherwise I made a lot of things but still not enough yet,
    but I am going through.

    Right now I feel like third time’s luck to go through this society bullies since my middle school age.

    My right should be all right.

    Thanks Laura.

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      Thank you for letting me know that the numbered lists work for you. I try to respond to the needs and preferences of our group so feedback is very helpful. Especially for anxiety types, obsessive thinking is hard to re-pattern. The best choice is to allow the obsessive thoughts to be triggers for you to redirect your attention to something you want to build and send the energy there. This takes discipline and lots of repetition but in time the struggle makes the process even more powerful for manifesting your goals. Making Space is, for me, the hardest part of The Circle but if you are still focused on something or someone who is absent from your life (or absent from the space you wished for them to inhabit) the “space”, the loss, has already happened and now you want to bring in the energies to fill the space with something wonderful.
      Sending you healing for that to occur!

  10. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Another thanks to you Laura for this wonderful, timely message!! It was strange that I somehow saw this post even though I was looking for something else. I felt compelled to stop and read it.

    I am being attacked psychically in more ways than one right now. I am literally exhausted from the pain things that happened. I tried to mentally/psychically “clear” everything, but it was still not enough and little bits of the hurtful things have been creeping in to my mind.

    Your advice is PERFECT to get me the rest of the way out of this “ouch-filled” pit. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR TEACHINGS AND HEALING!!!

  11. Mel
    Mel says:

    Laura I just want to thank you for being truthful,your insights are of great help weather one is skeptic or not , there is one single truth that we all share and that is of being human, in some ways exposed to all those feelings that affects us to function more efficiently,and when that happens we turn to our inner self and look for answers,here is where you come and those like us that have gifts or skills to help others to clear their paths.

  12. ken
    ken says:

    Hi,Laura I have been under attack for more than 10 years and I just recently found out that my wife has been doing it I have a healer that’s been cleansing me for 9 months and still going on my question is when I try to go to my lawyer and find out about the divorce my symptoms get more intense how do they know is it my wife that knows or the entities in my body know also when I try to sing my symptoms get worse I get really bad head pressure thank you

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      It is very important not to over mystify healing/intuition/psychic attack. It is very possible that what you are feeling when you go to a lawyer is your genuine anxiety about the situation and not a symptom of attack. The most important thing when you are making big changes is to make sure that you are firmly grounded in reality! A psychologist/psychiatrist might be someone who can give you some reality testing and a clear sense of your own feelings so that you know when something is truly coming from outside of you and when it is just your very natural anxiety about a situation. You might also want to see a doctor to make sure that there is not some physical reason for your symptoms. Healing is very powerful but it should be used in conjunction with all of the logical things that can help you better function. I send you healing, protection and my wish that this ending become a powerful new beginning for you.

  13. Sdsdsdsd
    Sdsdsdsd says:

    I had a NDE 30 yrs ago I’m spiritual person LRecently have very serious psychic attack very disturbing. I have to be very ugly and dark like never before minded to lesson it. I give it to God I’m a human and that outside spiritual influence we cannot control. It is awful very hurtful I try to remain with god will get rid of it when god wills i pray it goes away

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      A good remedy for psychic attack is to do things that put you fully and comfortably in your body and keep your mind engaged. Working out while listening to a podcast for example. Use The Circle and focus yourself on something you are trying to create that is positive and then you will use everything, challenging and supportive, towards that goal!

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      Spiritual Attack can be a powerful catalyst to work on the vulnerabilities that make you open to attack in the first place and that degrade other areas of your life. When something challenging occurs, it always invites you to find the tools to move past it.


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