No great thing was ever done by one man alone (not even by one woman)

This January 2013 let us use our UNITY (Chapter 9 in THE CIRCLE) to change our lives.

Energy is a power. There is no good energy or bad energy, energy is directed by your intention and energy is shared. When we find a way to connect to a group of people (energy) who are directing energy toward dynamic change (us) we can use that energy to do anything; heal our bodies, transforma pattern in relationship, create buzz for our ideas, draw to us what we need from the world and so on. You give the energy of the entire group an intention when you embody (CHAPTER 2) a result in The Circle.

Every relationship in your life, not just to other people but to situations and goals is part of yourself. When you are loving and correct in relationship you allow yourself to heal enough to have the world, your reality, be loving and correct with you. Every moment is an opportunity to heal/transform your life.

This month find your way to connect with the energy of The Circle, the unified energy we all share, and direct it with your intention toward transformation. Everyone has a different way that is effective for them to channel the powerful energy of “ONE”.  I use the meditation in THE CIRCLE or the experience of my heart beating with the heart of everyone in The Circle. Some of you may like to choose an object or talisman and give yourself the suggestion that everytime you touch the talisman you are connected. It is often good to create the talisman by holding it while doing the Circle meditation.

Don’t forget to use our unified energy for small things as life is made up of these seemingly meaningless experiences. Direct the energy when you are trying to find a cab, getting to work on time, finding a resolution to an argument, dieting, getting a man/womans attention and so on. Always work on your focused NEW REALITY, your one guiding wish, but use the UNITY energy for your moment to moment healing always keeping in mind that you want to treat others the way you want to be treated. If you work to make other peoples reality better you will find that the work creates your NEW REALITY as well.

Thank you all for being champions of my work, spreading the word about the books, workshops and lectures, doing the work with others and for your healings and readings for me and my family. I am blessed to be part of your reality. Thank you.

I am always open to your suggestions for workshops and group exercises

Boot Camp, my once a year intuitive training is once again at the end of September. A healing workshop will be held at Esalen Institute in July (space very limited) and there are many free workshops in New York. I will be in Los Angeles a lot this year as my son (and heart) is an artist there so if you know of book stores in Los Angeles that would like to host a one hour free workshop please let me know.

My goal city for next fall/winter is Miami so let me know if you are interested in a one day intensive in Miami. I would be holding it in South Beach.

I do healing on this whole list every morning but if you have a special healing request please e-mail me at

THE NEXT FREE ONE HOUR WORKSHOP IS AT RARE ON MARCH 12TH IN NYC. I will post all details on site soon.

I will be in Rome this summer (Aug/Sept) and would love to get together with you lovely European students/readers/intuitives/healers if you are in town. More and more I am living in Rome and looking forward to creating more community there.

I send you all love and healing, I join my heartbeat with yours as I EMBODY you in your NEW REALITY.



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  1. Zuri
    Zuri says:

    Join healing.

    It’s interesting that I’m so involved in something that is about unity and the group. I usually get fearful of a group and people making rash decisions because they don’t individually think things out but instead just do what someone else tells them. I think it’s super important that when committing to unity, we treat other as we want to be treated and are really in coherence with ourselves.

    That being said I have been feeling more and more connected with everyone in my life and it has been refreshing.

    Love, light and joy for our best New Realities and our best world!

  2. Vicky
    Vicky says:

    Dear Co-Creatives,
    I just meditated on us, living this 2013 switching our thought and feelings channels to love and joy! Feels wonderful and possible! Thank you for the inspiration, Laura!

    • Vicky
      Vicky says:

      Thank you Laura for the tweet about “staying with where we want to be instead where we have been”. That was exactly what I needed to hear today letting go of a deep love!

      • Laura Day
        Laura Day says:

        A deep love is always with us but train your focus to be on the very best in your life now and what you are greating. When we try to let go it just makes us hold on! make everything more comfortable for yourself and if a thought or focus brings you grief, refocus!

        • Vicky
          Vicky says:

          Thank you, Laura!! Funny I have experienced last night what you are writing! Over the last weeks instead I managed to embrace feelings of grief with my loving heart – and they changed and became sweet and nurturing feelings. AND I focused on my single wish, to open up for healthy, happy and joyful family live and soul mate – that was really helpful! It felt like putting money on a bank account already while another account is still in dept 🙂 Today I´ll focus on your advice and enJOY gratefully the abundance in every single moment!

  3. Caroline
    Caroline says:

    Namaste Laura,

    I just bought your book Practical Intuition and I’m loving it! I will definitely be interested in your workshops.

    Have a fantabulous New Year!


  4. Laura
    Laura says:

    I’ve forgotten the password to login to the New Reality section, can you please remind me where to find it? Thank you!

  5. Diana
    Diana says:

    As i connect I know that 2013 is the year of the Opus! Our greatest individual achievements will be fulfilled this year as we stay connected to the Circle and our New Reality. Don’t let go, the best is yet to come!

  6. Thomas
    Thomas says:

    Hi Laura,

    Thank You for the reminders, and insight. I will look into the possibilities, opportunities in CA. Would you be open to Orange County, as well as LA?

    We connected, met at an hour workshop in the B & N on Astor Place in NYC some years ago. I’ve been recommending your books, works ever since. You Freaken Rock!!!

    Love to You


      • Anonymous
        Anonymous says:

        I totally understand that Laura! Sending good fortune for jobs just a 5 minute walk away! 🙂
        Any hint how I could deal with the fact that I stopped practising, because the single wish felt so close – seems I go for the nearly impossible challenges and stop working when harvest time comes … – thats frustrating, a real trap!
        Thank you,

  7. DINA
    DINA says:

    Every moment is an opportunity to heal/transform your life…..SI!!!
    sono tanto contenta che tu sia interessata a stare qui!!!! io ti aspetto con tanto affetto!

  8. Cathy
    Cathy says:

    Hello Laura and Circle

    This message for tell you, i want created a Circle in France with others french people who knows and practice the intuition and healing, for sharing intuition and support and created our new reality in the Circle. I live near Paris, en Ile de france in 93, 15 minutes by RER to “Gare du Nord” Paris.

    Si des personnes sont intéressées par me rejoindre, vous pouvez m’envoyer un mail en passant par mon blog. A bientôt de vous lire.

    Merci beaucoup Laura pour tout votre travail.
    Thank you the Circle.

  9. Deborah
    Deborah says:

    HI Laura –
    I have been reading your books for the past 20 years and LOVE them. I have a 7 year old little girl and she is amazingly intuitive to the point it is wonderfully scary. Do you have any words of advice on how to encourage and cultivate this in children? We live in NJ, are you aware of any progressive
    schools that work with and encourage use of intuition? Thank you so much for
    your time.


  10. Dreamer
    Dreamer says:

    The passage in “The Circle” that says “At the beginning of your journey it will feel like everything is going wrong” is ever present in my life right now. I am holding fast to The Circle and trying to have ‘faith’ but I am not seeing proof. I like to think that I am getting all the hard changes out of the way but when it is just the hard changes without advancement on the new reality it is… hard. Inside I am the person in my new reality (and I feel other people seeing me that way) but the outside world is not responding. Things I thought would help have fallen through and the things I am applying for are way below where I need to be. I wake up anxious in the morning and it scares me. I keep a copy of Circle and Couch with me and I am working through many things. I have the bad… now I want the good.

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      Dear Dreamer,

      Faith is a comfort but putting one foot in front of the other and dealing with what comes is the way to your New Reality. Welcome to Your Crisis can be very helpful if you feel stuck in the inner and outer Circle roadblocks. It is a very disempowering myth that life and change are easy. The Circle helps you make change successful but it still takes the discipline and courage that all change requires.
      Remember to really join the group energy for healing. I post group work in the newsletter, the blog and on lauradayintuit@twitter (for daily group work). We all need support. None of us cah change alone.
      I am sending you healing now.


    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      I would start with The Circle and then either Welcome to Your Crisis or How To Rule The World From Your Couch depending on where your journey takes you!


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