For the next few days lets add to our group work below using our telepathy, as a group, joined with each beat of our heart to reach out to our new reality and the people who influence it in a positive way and to be alert to those whom we would help who may not […]

My friend Carol always reminds me that no great thing was ever done by one person alone. We need each other to achieve our dreams and we need to be useful to others to feel purpose in our lives. When we join our energy in The Circle we are using our community of energy to […]

Those of you who know me know that I am not big on positive thinking. If a bullet is headed for you no amount of “I am safe and this bullet will not hit me so I can close my eyes” is going to work! I am also not big on negative thinking. If all […]

You are a creature capable of amazing and dramatic positive change and healing. It takes courage to experience what you have hidden from yourself deep in your subconscious and the courage comes from the knowledge that you are not alone and that, in this moment, intuition will give you the tools to take your limitations, […]

I hope that you all felt the energy of our Esalen group this week end. We were connecting to the Circle ( all of you!) and sending (and receiving from you all) energy to co-create our New Reality. Let us join in sleep work together, preparing each night by doing EMBODIMENT in The Circle, becoming […]

Take a moment to re-commit to your NEW REALITY, your wish in THE CIRCLE. You have infinite power and possibility but often, you are going in so many different directions that you cannot use this power to create meaningful change. Direct your power over the next week by doing the first element of THE CIRCLE […]

We each have so many tangents in our lives, projects, relationships, wishes, incomplete changes, hopes and wishes that are unfinished. Let us begin with summer (today!) to allow all the loose ends to meet in the most perfect way, within us and around us, creating our New Reality so perfectly that it is beyond our […]

and intention to resolve the old, patterns the INNER ROADBLOCKS in our lives. Of course, we all have our blind spots, beliefs and habits formed over a lifetime which do not allow us to respond effectively to new opportunities and resolve obstacles. We do however have the power of the group, the skill of being […]

Today, as a single beating heart, let us join energy to bring love and beauty into our life’s and express love and beauty in every part of our being. Our physical body changes as love transforms every cell, our emotional, spiritual, even our creative and financial lives transform as we infuse them with the true […]

Although we know that luck is simply our working in unison with the powerful energy of THE CIRCLE As a united beating heart our Circle brings toward us ease, abundance and good fortune as it fills the space our work on letting go has made TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG! JOIN THE ENERGY OF THE CIRCLE […]

With every beat of our heart we will join our energy and hearts to allow for miracles of good fortune and to attract our hearts desire. xo L With every beat of our heart we will join our energy and hearts to allow for miracles of good fortune and to attract our hearts desire.xo L

lives for our New Reality to occur. When creating something new in your life you will bump into the old realities that need to be challenged. It is hard to make fresh choices about old issues. We need each other especially at this time when we demonstrate the courage to change. The more determined you […]