Many of you have e-mailed to ask permission to use The Circle to lead your own groups as healers, therapists, teachers or simply people willing to make the space to […]

Spring is here and more than ever as we emerge from our winter shells we need to join our energy, embrace others and create as one single empowered beating heart […]

No great thing was ever done by one man alone (not even by one woman) This January 2013 let us use our UNITY (Chapter 9 in THE CIRCLE) to change […]

Let us add a little something to the mix. Many of us get stuck in working hard and improving ourselves, picking at ourselves instead of giving our NEW REAILTY the […]

In many traditions the new moon is a time to plant the seeds of new projects so that they have the best chance to grow. Let us join together as […]

This video clip from ABC’s 20/20 features Laura Day and her intuitive abilities.

For the next few days lets add to our group work below using our telepathy, as a group, joined with each beat of our heart to reach out to our […]

My friend Carol always reminds me that no great thing was ever done by one person alone. We need each other to achieve our dreams and we need to be […]

Those of you who know me know that I am not big on positive thinking. If a bullet is headed for you no amount of “I am safe and this […]

You are a creature capable of amazing and dramatic positive change and healing. It takes courage to experience what you have hidden from yourself deep in your subconscious and the […]

I hope that you all felt the energy of our Esalen group this week end. We were connecting to the Circle ( all of you!) and sending (and receiving from […]

Take a moment to re-commit to your NEW REALITY, your wish in THE CIRCLE. You have infinite power and possibility but often, you are going in so many different directions […]