Laura Day on 20/20 and a reminder to keep working on our group project!

For the next few days lets add to our group work below using our telepathy, as a group, joined with each beat of our heart to reach out to our new reality and the people who influence it in a positive way and to be alert to those whom we would help who may not have  come to our attention. HOW TO RULE THE WORLD FROM YOUR COUCH has the “quick hit” for telepathy but those of you who have not read it assume that when you join your energy with the group you are in positive conversation with all around you and notice the people who come to your attention and reach out!


As a single beating heart we join our energy together to unleash our creative potential in every area of our lives.

Routines keep your life going. Without routines, every action would require thought, time and decision. Routines can also hold you back. what you expect, what you avoid and repress, where your blinders are and where you tint things rose.

Now we invite, as a single unified energy of healers, positive, creative change. You invite change and the support and opportunities from the world around you to make your change a re-birth. Together we allow life to challenge the rigidity of our habits and expectations by offering us something more.

Remember, when you have the support of a group of energy you can attract the best in life with ease. For this group work you don’t have to do anything. You will take care of each other and allow others to take care of you. With every beat of your heart, every minute of the night and day you will be healed, transformed, enlightened and showered with all that life has to offer and this experience of abundance will change you as your being changes the lives of every member of our Circle (and every life every member touches).

Even as you sleep your dreams and your energy will allow the group to heal you and your life as you heal and connect with the infinite reach of The Circle

Please share your experiences on this blog!

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From Rome Italy I send you all healing and I look forward to transforming with you!




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  1. bérangère
    bérangère says:

    dear, dear laura,
    i am taking the opportunity of your presence in Europe to give you some knews….i wrote to you at the end of august about the “tempest” i went through (husband left us , my two kids and myself, ect…..stopped on my way in every space of my life: my carrer of a young actress , ect, ect…..).
    you answered to me so nicely and trully at that time that i followed precisely what you advocated:focusing on myself and the woman i want to be, and let go all the thoughts about my ex. Tough daily work but, i know now that it is the only way….

    But this is what happened
    at the end of august, i received from New York City your book: “the circle” and believe me or not, but two days after, in the metro, i was so focus into my reading of “the circle” that i was in a sort of extra clarity: it is quite hard to define what i was feeling at that time, but, this is what happened: This morning, i was going to my rehearsals,It was around 9 a.m , the 27th of august; in Paris, this date means nobody in the metro, nobody on the metro platform. When i jumped from my coach, to the platform,i, literally, felt on my knees,at the feet of the one of the director( i do not want to mention his name) i am dreaming to work with. This man is not leaving in Paris, neither in France. he’s not french….i had no reason to meet him, like that, I was so surprised, that i did not even mentionned that i was an actress;i apologized and i just told him that i was so respectfull of his work. He was looking at me with big eyes. When i went out from the station , i called my agent,sayind what it had just happened;, he adviced me to send a mail and that he will make the connection. I wrote a mail, few days after, to that director remembering him our “encounter”, and saying that i was a young actress, ect….and he answered me, and he keeps me in his mind …

    Four days after, again in the metro,with my kids and my mom’ i met an another director with whom i was in a jury in a festival,two years ago, and he is preparing his next feature supposed to be shot in america….i did not try to sell myself, of course not, i am too much shy for that and it would be so rude, but, i simply enjoyed that non expected enconter…and, i felt something nice happening on the moment..
    We will see…but, is it what you call synchronicity, laura?
    because, at the same time, since one month and half, so many difficulties are popping up to be solve or i have to clear and end with so many murky areas in my past life…..:-))) and, it is like the time is so slow ….and i try to open doors, and doors, each day long…

    what do you think about it, dear laura?
    you know, you should really come to Paris, and make a translation of your books( there is just one , only book “practical intuition” translated in french, at ambre editions). And, i am sure, so many people would come to meet you, me at first!!!!!

    toute ma tendresse,


    And, it is true, we are not alone; sometimes, i feel deeply this energy from people i do not even know. It is warm.

  2. Imelda
    Imelda says:

    Dear Community,
    I have not enough words to express my concerns that disturb my daily peace. I filed for divorce and have had problems with three different lawyers; I am currently looking for a new good lawyer to help with my case. I am at a point of almost despair, since I am fighting for sole custody; my (soon to be ex-)husband conned me during 19 years of marriage; he has a very toxic personality. I just want the divorce to be over. Please send me your energy and will do the same to all of you as I connect to the Circle.

  3. Diana
    Diana says:

    Dearest Circle friends, a wonderful opportunity has opened up for me in the realm of television that has to do with my passion. I realize that this has been the fruit of connecting with the Circle. Thank you all and I send my love and healing and angels to you all that good fortune been with you always!

    In the Circle,

  4. LolaB
    LolaB says:

    I have had my ‘routine’ on my mind A LOT lately and it was great to read this as a confirmation that I am headed in the right direction with even a slight daily modification of that routine!! I have been moving ever so slightly into the realm of my new reality each and every day! I’m meeting more and more people to share with through this very website and we communicate about a variety of things! It amazes me what I’m able to put out there for other people as well and that’s the best part! Thanks for the ‘boosts’ you put here! Have a happy day!

  5. Diana
    Diana says:

    Hello Laura and Circle…
    Just had to share…So I was being a badass today tooting my own horn during an argument with my husband this morning. A couple of hours later I got a HUGE incite about how our energy ‘echoes in waves.’ And that when we are truly present we are not only there for ourselves but for others as well and indeed everyone else in the universe. When we receive a huge blessing it also ‘echoes in waves’ and everyone else gets some too…especially those in My Circle.
    Sending love and peace,

  6. Krista
    Krista says:

    I woke up this morning and the first text I sent was “I don’t do well without a routine”. A part of me felt that society wants us to have routines and I was breaking the rules by not having a routine today. I came to this page on accident tonight. Now I’m a believer in intuition!

  7. Zuri
    Zuri says:

    Just had a big deal moment towards my NR…going to a screening at CAA to watch a feature film I was in (which I think I was pretty good in.) Thank you! Who knows if anything will come of this specifically but it was a wonderful moment in my life.


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