I used to hate the saying “Fake it ’till you make it” but that is what we are going to join together to do in this exercise. The element we are working on is Embodiment in The Circle and Body Heat (but used on ourselves!) in How To Rule The World From Your Couch. Take […]

We have all been working hard on the elements of The Circle. This week we join, as one unified and healing energy, to do the hardest thing of all: Let go! As we continue to work on being in the moment, in joy, we let go of our intention, our struggle, outcomes, snags, and all […]

Dear Circle, This week we join as one energetic community to create Coherence in our lives and in within our being. When you have Coherence you are in Integrity and when you are in Integrity, you are unstoppable. When you are in Integrity, with yourself and your world, you seamlessly create your New Reality. Integrity, […]

Dear Circle, The Reality Tales you did last week engaged Precognition and, ideally, illuminated some new options for your goals. Our group work this week will focus on your being the hero of our own story. Continue working on your Reality Tales (P 138,139,140 in The Circle) however this week you will focus on who […]

This is a week about effectively using our own healing (from last week) and the energy of The Circle and our unity within it, to consciously, synchronistically, effectively create your New Reality. As one unified energy, we join to empower each other in Precognition in How To Rule The World From Your Couch, which corresponds […]

This week we work in a new way with Making Space. Let us commit together to Making Space in The Circle! Every time we are faced with clutter, challenge, intrusive thoughts or resistant behaviors, let us ask ourselves, what would I rather use this energy for. Notice the clutter in your life/mind/world/relationships and when you can, […]

  This week we will commit to working as one unified body of energy on Embodiment and the particular gifts and vulnerabilities that our natural capacity for Mediumship provide. You may want to review Embodiment in The Circle and Mediumship in How To Rule The World From Your Couch. Here are some excerpts from the […]

Where attention goes, energy flows! This week we will work as one unified energy to do something new. It is an aspect of Embodiment in The Circle, and you can review it in How To Rule The World From Your Couch, under Telepathy. Here is a passage from the book that describes our work this […]

You cannot always control reality, so it is life’s challenge to make your pain useful in healing yourself and others. In fact, you have to make it useful in order to grow and thrive. On December the 13th I lost my baby sister. Her name was Sarah, and she was 52 years old. She is survived […]

July 21, 2015 By Tracy Cochran Laura Day A conversation with intuitive and healer Laura Day I visited Laura Day in her apartment in Tribeca in lower Manhattan to talk about intuition. Since her early twenties, Day has been internationally famous for her uncanny ability to know things immediately, without the aid of research or […]

When I published The Circle: How the power of a single wish can change your life (2001), I had been doing The Circle and hosting Circles for my community for twenty years. The Book came out on 9/10/01. On 9/11 my World Trade Center neighborhood was evacuated and Barnes and Noble offered me space to […]