This Weeks Intuitive/Healing Group Work in The Circle

  This week we will commit to working as one unified body of energy on Embodiment and the particular gifts and vulnerabilities that our natural capacity for Mediumship provide. You may want to review Embodiment in The Circle and Mediumship in How To Rule The World From Your Couch. Here are some excerpts from the […]

This week we join energy to work on Telepathy in The Circle!

Where attention goes, energy flows! This week we will work as one unified energy to do something new. It is an aspect of Embodiment in The Circle, and you can review it in How To Rule The World From Your Couch, under Telepathy. Here is a passage from the book that describes our work this […]

Stories of pain are stories of courage. Please share yours with me.

You cannot always control reality, so it is life’s challenge to make your pain useful in healing yourself and others. In fact, you have to make it useful in order to grow and thrive. On December the 13th I lost my baby sister. Her name was Sarah, and she was 52 years old. She is survived […]

Unity of Spirit

July 21, 2015 By Tracy Cochran Laura Day A conversation with intuitive and healer Laura Day I visited Laura Day in her apartment in Tribeca in lower Manhattan to talk about intuition. Since her early twenties, Day has been internationally famous for her uncanny ability to know things immediately, without the aid of research or […]

Working together to create miracles in The Circle

When I published The Circle: How the power of a single wish can change your life (2001), I had been doing The Circle and hosting Circles for my community for twenty years. The Book came out on 9/10/01. On 9/11 my World Trade Center neighborhood was evacuated and Barnes and Noble offered me space to […]

What To Expect from (and after) a Healing Circle-Laying on of Hands

As many of you are aware, I have been doing free Laying on of Hands/Psychic Healing for my Circle community. Nothing, not even the fulfillment that comes from the most accurate and detailed predictions, equals what I feel knowing that I have played even the smallest role in taking someone from a place of pain […]

The Circle – Free Laying on of Hands and Psychic Healing

Dear Circle, As some of are aware I have been doing a series of Healing Circles where I, an other talented healers, do laying on of hands/ Psychic Healing on the entire group. The experience has been transformative for me and the response from the participants has made me want to do them more! As […]

Are you a victim of psychic attack?

Are you a victim of Psychic attack?

Are you having trouble manifesting your goals? Are you physically and emotionally depleted? Do you suddenly look less attractive than you used to? Are you unable to bounce back from a failed relationship or a disappointment? Have you lost faith in yourself? You talents? Are you unable to let go of a person or situation? Are you attracting challenging synchronicities?

New beginnings are in the air!

When you are on the verge of creating something new is often the time when old fears, habits and reaction styles come roaring to the forefront. Change, even positive change often feels risky to our habit loving subconscious. I can tell by your e-mails that many of you are about to make wonderful changes to […]

Ordinary life is spiritual life!

Dear Circle, I read all of your e-mails and many of you have had a very hard few months. What strikes me the most about our Circle is your efforts to maintain your humanity even when your challenges are so great that they feel inhuman. Healing practices like meditation, good diet, exercise, laying on of […]

Let us make the rest of 2013 really count!

With every breath you take, join your energy and intention with every member of our Circle to live THIS DAY productively, performing your daily tasks with joy, commitment and sacredness. The most powerful way to reach your goal/New Reality is to consciously join energy with others in this Circle and in your life/community/family/world. Start your […]