When you experience your own true center of knowing you are able to set a clear course (even when you are not sure of your destination) and be fortified by the obstacles that life presents. Tonight, as one body of energy we join to help each other find our guiding truth and awaken with the […]

Let us take the next few weeks to notice our habits and patterns and make conscious decisions about whether or not they serve us in the New Reality that we are creating. It is very hard to break habit. This is the power of our unified Circle of energy. We are breaking these habits and […]

For those of you who are frustrated about scheduling sessions, I am the only one who looks at my e mail to protect your privacy. Because I receive so much e mail things get lost and scheduling, until it is in my book, is not always smooth. Please forgive these lapses and keep after me […]

and pathways to our hearts desire. Remember to really experience all of our intentions working together. Allow yourself to focus on the pulse of your heart and experience that all of our hearts are beating as one, pulsing our healing and best intentions, our new healed patterns of energy, into the world and allowing the […]

As a unified field of energy, as we feel ourselves as a single strong beating heart, let us allow that beat to attract all the sources of joy into our lives and radiate joy to others.

As we join our hearts as a unified energy for love and healing we allow our outer world to positively reflect our changes back to us. Remember, everything is “a sign”. What is happening in you is reflected in your life and what is happening in your life is a diagram of your inner world. […]

to bring love in all of its forms into our lives. Everyone has patterns that keep love away or make it less than satisfying. Those patterns begin with the judgements we have been given about ourselves from childhood. These injuries, ideally, become strengths and areas of compassion. In some areas they are the places where […]

Today, united as a single powerful energy, we release grief and embrace joy. Old patterns that bring strife into our lives are swept away in the powerful pattern of positive forward motions and the combined energy of our group focused on a unified goal. The opportunities and relationships that we have been blind to around […]

I am always grateful when Circle members add their own personal journey to our work as a group. I am taking the liberty of sharing this with you xo Laura QUESTION: When your whole reality starts to shift at once, and you feel so overwhelmed by the changes of people, relationships, residence- what are the […]

in service to ourselves and one another! In the second element of The Circle we EMBODY or inhabit with all of our senses and perceptions our NEW REALITY (our wish come true). Unlike creative visualization or positive thinking we do not create or imagine what our lives would be like if our wish came true […]

Most of the time we are all over the place, pulled by life and events. Rarely do we focus our energy for any length of time on a single, positive outcome. When we focus our resources, internal and external, emotional, energetic and physical (not to mention metaphysical) in a single direction, miracles occur. For the […]