We each have so many tangents in our lives, projects, relationships, wishes, incomplete changes, hopes and wishes that are unfinished. Let us begin with summer (today!) to allow all the […]

and intention to resolve the old, patterns the INNER ROADBLOCKS in our lives. Of course, we all have our blind spots, beliefs and habits formed over a lifetime which do […]

Today, as a single beating heart, let us join energy to bring love and beauty into our life’s and express love and beauty in every part of our being. Our […]

Although we know that luck is simply our working in unison with the powerful energy of THE CIRCLE As a united beating heart our Circle brings toward us ease, abundance […]

With every beat of our heart we will join our energy and hearts to allow for miracles of good fortune and to attract our hearts desire. xo L With every […]

lives for our New Reality to occur. When creating something new in your life you will bump into the old realities that need to be challenged. It is hard to […]

When you experience your own true center of knowing you are able to set a clear course (even when you are not sure of your destination) and be fortified by […]

Let us take the next few weeks to notice our habits and patterns and make conscious decisions about whether or not they serve us in the New Reality that we […]

For those of you who are frustrated about scheduling sessions, I am the only one who looks at my e mail to protect your privacy. Because I receive so much […]

and pathways to our hearts desire. Remember to really experience all of our intentions working together. Allow yourself to focus on the pulse of your heart and experience that all […]

As a unified field of energy, as we feel ourselves as a single strong beating heart, let us allow that beat to attract all the sources of joy into our […]