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“How to Rule the World from Your Couch is perhaps the greatest book ever written. Everyone that’s ruled the world has read it and it worked. Bill Gates, George Bush, Oprah. Saddam Hussein didn’t read it and was hanged, so if you wanna rule the world and not be hanged, read this book.”

“Brilliant and practical. If you follow the suggestions in her book, it will be impossible for you to avoid unparalleled success and fulfillment.”

“I believe in the gut and I believe in Laura Day.”

“The Circle takes fate and puts it in the hands of anyone who has the courage to dream.”

“When everything goes right, you make a wish and it happens you are living the message of The Circle. Life is supposed to work and we are supposed to work together to create our individual dreams.”

“I’ve read all of her books and they are really life-changing”

“We get gut feelings, and those sort of thought bubbles pop into our heads for a reason. I’m sure we all could have saved ourselves one awkward moment or another if we just trusted our guts.”

“Better than knowing the rules is being able to make them. Laura day shows us how. Welcome to your crisis gets you out of your own way. The circle puts the pieces of you together into one powerful force of change. The Circle is the secret.”

“It’s as if Laura Day with her unique and celebrated wisdom were seated beside you coaching you toward mastering your own intuition, your psychic communication system, your innate powers of healing.”

“Laura is simply amazing. She teaches people to use their intuition to find success and achieve their dreams. She literally teaches people how to rule the world from their couch. Or in my case, their futon. ”

“In a time when the world struggles, Laura Day reminds us of the strengths we all have within us and brings to light the moments we must capture to move forward in a positive direction.”

“Intuition isn’t mystical. It’s a sort of background sense of how things should work; its facts hidden in the brain. Intuition is logic. Laura Day guides you step-by-step through a systematic approach to getting in touch with this important faculty.”

“Helpful, insightful, fun to read. A must have self-help guide.”

“Einstein was reported to have said that we only use 2 percent to 10 percent of our ability. With intuition it is possible to go far beyond that … Laura lays it all out here. Intuition is a system. It is much more than a feeling, much more than an idea. And it works.”

“Laura Day writes with vision and very practical wisdom – but far more significantly to me, I have seen her live this message of love in action, day in and day out. She is the real thing.”

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