My (name deleted) house was on the market since August 2016 and two contracts fell through.  The economy is at the worst it has been since 2008. In your April 1, 2020 Zoom, my goal was to sell the house within three months for X. It went under contract on April 26, 2020 for X+15. It closed today and I no longer own it.

Since I’ve been hanging out with you and your amazing group of healers for your last two sessions on Zoom, my required daily insulin dose has dropped from 16 units to 13 units, a reduction of almost 20 percent.

The day after the Circle (May 8th) I received an interview request at a national spa co. A week later I was offered the General Manager position. I recently went through a very challenging time. My life has had an amazing positive change since I have been joining in the circles sessions,. The circle is so powerful. Thank you Laura, and all!

Success story: in your November 2018 workshop my NR was to be a writer. (I only had a few small clips then.) This all happened soon after!!!!

I want to let you know that I had very idiosyncratic evidence that showed me that the healing of my target was absolutely successful today! It came to me before the gathering was even finished! 

As I posted on Instagram, the energy I focused on *****manifested today!  She opened her eyes for the first time since her brain injury one month ago!

A group of ladies met for lunch in N.Y. at the new Aureole restaurant. Let me give you a hint of how the day progressed; give Laura Day a martini, she is a lightweight when it comes to liquor, and table talk turns from what we know to what she “sees”. Early evening glided in and few of us remained. We moved to the bar, shifting space as elegant, resilant and emboldened remnants from our boisterous and engaging ladies lunch that afternoon. Involved women who simply hadn’t had enough of each other’s humor, experience or advice; continuing the celebration until the restaurant had to set up for dinner. As we were thinking about leaving the talk turned to Europe, a place we all had strong family and emotinal roots. I mentioned that I was heavily invested in the Euro and Laura said, “I would go home and sell that right now”. Sure enough, 36 hours later, the Euro went down sharply, I however, no longer owned any.
The moral of this story. Give Laura Day a cocktail and what gems are revealed may save you a bundle.

Before Laura’s workshop in July 2009, I had a real hard time meeting “the one”. I was social, outgoing and frequently set up by friends. However, nothing worked for me. I thought that I would be single forever. While attending Laura’s workshop July 2007, I applied what she taught in her workshop and in her book “The Circle” – and made the wish of “marrying a man whom I totally love and adore”. I immediately felt a difference about my energy level by the end of the workshop.

I continued to practice “The Circle” after the workshop, and 4 months later, I met the man of my dreams and was completely swept off my feet! We got engaged 8 months later after we met and we got married 4 months after we were engaged. He has everything that I was looking for – he is not only tall, kind, attractive, successful but he also totally gets me and is totally in love with me! Our one year anniversary is coming up this September and I cannot thank Laura enough for her guidance. She is the real deal and she is truly magical!

Hi Laura – Thank you for helping me create my New Reality. This past Friday, I received an amazing job offer. I’m really excited about this position. I want to share with you that when I went back and reviewed my Conscious Creation, it was 95% accurate of this new job. Also, when I finally let go of what was no longer serving me in the present, I started getting interviews. Thank you for educating me on being more powerful than what I give myself credit.

Within a few minutes of meeting me, Laura described my business venture in with laser accuracy – she immediately got that I have 2 offices in Shanghai. She said that one office is located in a “newly developed area” with a lot of “greenery” and another one is affiliated with a hospital. That was 100% correct – I have an office in Pudong, which is a newly developed community and my office is located next to a football field. I am also working within a hospital in Hongqiao. I am truly amazed by her abilities. She is a highly intuitive and a joy to talk to. I really enjoyed her workshop and would recommend anyone who wants to enhance their intuitive abilities to enroll.

Thank you so much. Your books are helping me so much. 2009 has been an extremely challenging year of major changes in my life, things that I never thought would happen to me, and indeed they did. I read Practical Intuition in July 09. I was very careful in doing all my exercises diligently. I loved it. Then, I read Welcome to Your Crisis just recently in September, right after I found out certain facts that hurt me deeply and reading your book was so timely to pull myself out of my crisis. I have to admit I am not completely out; I still have some ways to go. Now, I am almost done with The Circle, an incredibly inspirational book soothing my hearth and my soul, just when I needed so badly. So, a big and a huge thank you from the bottom of my hearth.

Thank you for helping me! Whenever I get stalled I’ll open up Welcome To Your Crisis to gain perspective. I do the anxiety meditation online nearly daily because immediately afterwards it generates positive change in my life, I’ll usually get a phone call from someone or think of a different way around a problem and it keeps my house clean.

I am writing to you to say thank you. You don’t know me, my situation, my sister or why the heck a complete stranger is saying thank you. Let me explain. My sister was diagnosed 6 weeks ago with a rare stomach cancer. The cancer is quick spreading, aggressive and for most terminal. She is 43, mother of 2 beautiful children, an amazing and loving wife, the best sister and friend anyone could ask for and my hero. When she found out, she was devastated, as anyone who knew her was. She was for the first time not seeing that there was a future. She had accepted the end and in her true form began to make the arrangements that needed to be made to ensure the lives of her family would run smoothly without her. I begged her to not give up. One day she called, she was a new person. Hope, fight, determination and a strength that I had not heard for a long time. She told me she saw a woman on tv, Laura Day, and she read a book she spoke of. She said that it changed her whole perspective and realized now she has a chance. She has a good chance and she is going to fight with everything she has got. I don’t know what this will mean to you, but it means the world to me. They say you never know what will give you strength, you did that day. So, with that, I say thank you, from everyone who knows and loves my sister.

Here is an example of one of your lesson’s about telepathy in action:

Your Lesson: If one of your family members went out shopping for you, and you forgot to tell them to get some milk, send them a positive image of purchasing milk at the store.

What Happened: I was in Las Vegas with a friend and he lost his cell phone in one of two places. He went off to a casino down the street to look for it while I went to look for it at a food court. I found the cell phone at the food court and then waited for him come back. I had a feeling when he did not find the phone at the casino he would then trudge through the other casinos we had been to that night. It was late and I did not want to wait for him that long. I sent him a feeling of happiness and elation that his cell phone was found. When he came back, I told him I sent him a vibe and I wanted to know if he noticed anything. He said he decided to look in some more casinos when he did not find his phone at the first casino, but then happy thoughts filled his head. He remembered some good times he had with me when we were in high school, and the memories were so good, he felt he should come back and see if I had found his phone.

Thanks for the great lesson!

Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of the circle. I would like to share my success story using the circle. I suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome which makes it difficult to conceive. My husband and I struggled with infertility. During this time I was on a downward spiral and could barely cope with life as was my obsession with getting pregnant. I then happen to find the circle. Amazingly I was watching an episode of Friends, and Monica (Courtney Cox) was sat in the coffee shop holding a book during one of the dialogues. I looked at the book and it was titled “intuition in love” so I looked up the book and that’s when I came to know of Laura Day. The only book my local bookstore carried of yours was the Circle so I went with that. The excitement and hope that I found in reading your book was unparallel to anything I had ever felt. My focus changed from thoughts of not being able to get pregnant to trusting my body’s ability to bear a child. I went out and bought two baby books that I created a ritual of each night reading to my baby. Each morning I took a prenatal pills in anticipation for my pregnancy and I would imagine the pill dissolving into my bloodstream and preparing my body for growing a child. I went out and bought a copy of the book “What to expect when you are expecting”, after all I needed to know what was going to happen and what to do when I was pregnant. Inside the cover of the book I wrote the date April 29th, 2008. I had decided this was the day I was going to give birth. (It was June 2007 at this time). My entire being changed focus from not having a child to what life would be when the child did arrive. I practiced my meditation each night. I had planned to start fertility medication September 2007. My prescription was already filled. However, on August 18th I got a positive pregnancy result. My beautiful healthy son was born on April 24, 2008. He is the joy of our life and I cannot thank you enough for helping me learn how to create this reality for myself.

Laura, I am new to your teachings. I have had your book, Welcome to your crisis, for years now and have finally pulled it out and started studying. You see, I lost my job 2 days ago. It’s the 8th (yes, 8th) job I have lost in less than 3 years. All in the same field. Either by my own hand or some lay off situation. I wanted to kill myself this last time b/c I thought I had finally found “the” job. It is obvious I am in the wrong career field (was bored all the time) and am petrified of how to begin anew. I have a son ready to leave for college and no savings and no other family. I am clinging to your teachings as well as the support of my boyfriend right now to start again and be the woman I want to be, independent, involved and successful. I want to own my own business. I’m not sure how to do that with no funding yet. I’m not very knowledgeable on these things. But I am determined and will not let “old tapes” and depression get in the way this time. Any advice or help in guidance from you and your followers would be welcomed and appreciated. I am REALLY going to work at breaking the chains of my past and at 46, do what I can to start living!

I just wanted to thank you sooo much for that workshop. I have been really struggling through a difficult year (divorce, sister fighting cancer, suicide of a friend), but signing up for your workshop was the first thing I’ve done in ages that was just for me, and I’m so glad I did! There were so many things that resonated with me. Almost immediately after the weekend, I noticed that I suddenly seemed to understand why people do the things they do. It’s like I’ve always had the wisdom and knowledge inside me, I just didn’t know how to isolate it from all that other “mind noise” so I could hear it clearly. Now I feel so much more at peace, and not so sideswiped or perplexed by other people’s actions. And I’m already using it in my job — I can walk into a meeting and “get” people’s motivations right away; I just “know” what’s going on with them and I don’t second guess myself anymore. I’m hoping to make it to NY in February because I really want to learn more!

Strength and Intuition equal success

I have a success story and I owe it all to you and your wonderful books. 6 weeks ago when my husband of 16 years left me I was so devasted. My best friend left at the same time so I felt so alone and thought I hit rock bottom and would never be able to recover. Then I discovered your book “Welcome To Your Crisis” and I followed it through to the end a few times. Well, I have come back stronger than ever and my family and friends can’t believe how great I’m doing as I have never been on my own.. I trust myself now and have the confidence to do whatever needs to be done to ensure my 14 year old son and I get what we need and can begin our new life. Then it gets even better as I started your book “The Circle” and I have blossomed in every aspect of my life.. I don’t remember ever being this happy and confident in my life as I am today.. I use alot of techniques from the circle through out every day and feel great. Although I have brought out so many bad memeories from my past, I am able to work through them with ease. Thank you for introducing me to myself and bettering my life by your loving and caring ways. I know I will only keep on thriving everyday as I can really feel you as well as the circle working with me. Thanks again for sharing your life experiences with the world so we can all have a better place to live. I am working with my friend also and her and I can sense when the other needs something and we always call at that time.. If you ever come to Spokane I would love to meet you and thank you in person or maybe I’ll make it to NY sometime.

A great use of healing!

You know I freaked out my boss today too cuz he was yelling at me and I closed my eyes and took a deep breath and when I released it I let go of all his negative energy and opened my eyes smiling at him.. He changed his tone real quick then asked if I was ok and I said yes I just don’t like negative energy in my life and he thought that was really cool. Well you have a great night!!

Great News!

I just have to share with you that my success is growing even more since I started working with you and the group.. Today I got my review for being manager and I got a 25% increase in my wages.. I’m so excited as I only have a high school diploma and I make a great wage and I started from the ground and moved up.. Now I know no matter what my son and I will be great as I just increased my monthly salary by 1300.00. I know I have worked very hard to get where I am today but I couldn’t have done it without all of you as my life just keeps getting better and better everyday. Thanks and love to all.

A wonderful story from someone in our Circle

I am writing to you now to tell you about the extraordinary experience I had today.
I was meditating this morning, and feeling very present and grounded in my own skin, I decided to go into work early and use the gym there.
I did everything as usual, but was thinking about the circle and how my focus could be changed by it as I had read a Anytime exercise the night before and was still digesting it.
I got into the car and focused on being present in my body and aware of the cars and what they were doing.  I merged onto the highway on ramp as I usually do.  All of the sudden, the car in front of me came to a complete stop! on an on-ramp, and for no reason!  Luckily I was present, and slammed on my breaks and tried to swerve so I didn’t hit them.  The whole time I was thinking, I want to live and I was just in the circle, I had a brief thought of , “please let everyone be o.k. and not hurt!!!!PLEASE!!!!”
What would have been a 10 car pile up on an major highway, turned into be having major front end damage, and literally bouncing off the car in front of me.  The undercover police officer ahead actually came to see if I was o.k. and shocked at the lack of damage on the car in front of me.  All the 10 cars behind us were able to swerve out of the way.  Many lives were saved today.  It really was a miracle that the trooper cited the woman in front of me for “wreck less driving”, but no one was hurt.  Miraculously, I was the only one hurt, but grateful everyone else was not.
I tried to post on the circle to thank them, but do not know if they will read it?
Please let them know that it does work?  We can change lives.

You can all do this!

I have hosted Laura Day for over ten years at both Barnes & Noble, Astor Place and now Barnes & Noble, Tribeca. I have witnessed quite a few of Laura’s “readings” and many of them wind up being so accurate that audience members literally b urst into tears.

Now it was my turn.

I was on vacation at my parents house in Cape Cod when my cat crazy Ronin got trapped in between the glass and the screen of our downstairs bathroom window. In trying to free the cat—the screen broke and my cat–and the screen–went falling 15ft to the ground below.

It was 11:00 PM and pitch black. My cat is an indoor cat and was not wearing a nametag. I was frantic. My family and I looked for the cat literally all night—with no luck. I made up a Missing Missing Flyer and called Animal Control.

Late in the afternoon of the next day I called Laura. To say the least I was upset. Laura immediately “saw” a wooden shed, like a tool shed..and she thought Ronin was hanging out there. I told her that I was standing right next door to our outdoor shower. Laura wasn’t sure if she was just seeing where I was standing. She predicted that I would find the cat and that the cat was not dead. Not only that, she asked me if the shed was to the left when facing my house and was the water in the back (all accurate!). I called my cat and thought I heard a meow but I was so tired I wasn’t sure. I waited a while but there was no sign of Ronin—so I walked down the street. Laura had told me that Ronin had not crossed the street, and if he was not near the outdoor shower, he would be no more than 5 houses down. I was outside the fifth house on the street when my friend Gina (who had also been involved in the search) called me and said that Ronin was on my house’s back steps. And, yes, the back steps are right next to the outdoor shower where Laura predicted he would be. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

Ronin is now back home and safe. And I have Laura Day to thank for it!

Crystals Sleep Problems

I met Crystal at work.  I started this job in September of 2009.  I’m pretty shy in unfamiliar surroundings.  Crystal reminded me of my cousin Crystal, and I felt compelled to talk with her from time to time.  One day I noticed Crystal’s forehead wrinkled and she looked tired.  I asked her if anything was wrong.  She explained migraine and trouble sleeping.  I thought it was the trouble sleeping that caused the migraine so I stated asking her about her sleep patterns.  I saw myself struggling to sleep when I was younger and I knew that she kept herself too busy to think about anything and it would all come at her when she lay down to sleep.  I told her of ways to breathe and relax her mind to sleep better.  She tried this and it worked most of the time.  So most of the time when I would see her I would see her smiling.

In December I stumbled across “Practical Intuition” at a used book store.  Something told me to buy it.  I started reading it in January or February and by March I found myself trying to race through couch because I had registered for the March workshop.  The day of the workshop I read the facebook post something about there would be no registrations at the door.  My registration wasn’t complete; would I be able to attend?  Maybe I should save myself a lot of trouble and just stay home.  I looked in the mirror and said “I hope you know I ironed for this!  And I don’t iron!”  I heard…you should just come anyway.  I thought fine… I’m on my way, but I hope there’s a restaurant there because I haven’t eaten.  I heard, why come so early?  I explained in my head that I wanted to leave time in case I got turned around.  I would be more relaxed, make sure registration is taken care of, eat and read some.                   When I got to the hotel I was surprised that they told me where the room was and I was told to go right in, two hours early.  The lady said, Laura said to send people in if they showed up early.  I finished the last exercise, on healing, in Couch after breakfast.

After the workshop I was back to work.  I saw Crystal again and she again was having problems sleeping.  She told me that she had been given prescription sleeping pills from someone she knew.  I didn’t like the idea.  I told her “I’m going to do something for you tonight.”  That night I did focused healing to help her sleep.  I saw her the next day and she said she couldn’t sleep at all last night.  She felt really calm and peaceful but she couldn’t sleep at all.  I thought, well that didn’t work!

Two weeks later we were working on the same project when she asked me, “now tell me the truth…. Have you ever done Anything to me?” I said, well yes.  Crystal – I knew it!  Me – But it didn’t work.  Crystal – yes it did!  It made me calm and peaceful.  I felt so good.  I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking… how’d she do that?!

I sent healing that night.  The next day she told me how well she slept, her sons too.  She explained how odd it is for them to go to sleep so early and sleep so good.  For the next few weeks she pointing out from time to time, how well she slept the previous night.  I would give her a shrug and say “it wasn’t me!”  We would smile and go on working.

Then one day Crystal told me that her cousin Anna stopped by with a care basket for her.  In it were prescription sleeping pills, flower tea among other things.  Crystal thanked Anna and said I will try some tea but I won’t need the rest,  Anna should keep it for herself.  Anna also suffers from insomnia.  Anna, very surprised, asked her why she didn’t need the pills.  How did she do it?  Crystal said I have a friend that taught me to sleep.  Now I sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, nice and sound.  Anna says, have your friend teach me!

I found myself one morning, in the shower, thinking about the whole story.  Ah-ha!  I understand the reason Crystal kept sleeping so well after I sent the last healing.  The first time she resisted it to a point.  The second time she totally accepted it but said it felt different from the first time.  The first was much calmer and nicer.  See, I didn’t understand why she continued to ask me if I’d done anything more when I had not.  I feel kind-of silly…. Why didn’t I see it before?!  I sent healing.  If a wound is healed it doesn’t need more healing.  There can be a new wound in the future, there can be a re-injury, but now there isn’t a wound…. Therefore; her sleep is healed and she can sleep like a baby without having healing sent all the time, like she thought I was doing.

The Circle in action !

A one woman show that I have been writing for many many years came into real world existance when Laura Day  who I had just met did a ritual in her hotel room in West Holllywood on my birthday November 25th 2009.  My daughter had met Laura the week before in New York and when Laura said she was coming to Los Angeles for a couple of days and that maybe they could meet and my daughter said ‘oh I can’t on Wednesday, it’s my Mom’s birthday and Laura said, “oh let’s do a ritual for her and my daughter said, ok.  They went and bought some things for it.

I was surprised and excited by the invitation, but I didn’t know what to expect. Laura and my daughter and I created a small circle that contained my desire and wish to make a show of my monologues.  I didn’t know what would come of it, but I liked Laura and her son so very much right away that I was just glad to spend time with them. Before that I had tried many things but they did not go anywhere.  That is not to say I did not learn from all the classes I took and people that I asked to help me before the work in November of 2009.  But stil I had trouble telling people about it.  I felt blocked and crippled.  I felt a kind of shame that I couldn’t figure out how to get this work out into the world.


When I was a child one of my favorite poems was the one, “He drew a circle that shut me out, heretic rebel, a thing to flout, but love and I had the wit to win, we drew a cirlce that took him in.” There was a prior experience of the circle that started things rolling before meeting Laura.  And that was the circle that we do in my acting class on Monday nights at Warner Loughlin Studio.  We do a guided meditation in a circle and then visualize what we want and also help person next to us by visualizing for them.  I feel this circle is a part of the circle that Laura did with me.

After the ritual Laura told me to write a business plan and I did and I sent it to her.  And I started to be able to put my show in a context,  I put in a place the canals of Venice California and a time, early 1970’s.—and I started to be able to connect the characters together.  It was exciting.  I felt that I had broken through a wall that had existed a long time I would get up every morning and sit in my meditation before my yoga and put myself in the circle again with Laura and my show. I thought of it everyday and it started to have a feeling of fluidity.   One night I was out to dinner with friends and someone asked me what I was doing and I suddenly said, “oh I am doing a show with these monologues that I have written”.  The couple, Tom and Celeste were enthusiastic and I told them about it and as I did,I felt this wonderful strength.  On the way home I was so elated to have shared with other people what I was doing and to have them respond in such a positive way.

When Laura did the ritual with me, she said I think you should do it in an art gallery –it should be connected with the arts.  And then she also said that I needed to work on the business aspect, the organizational aspect that the creative work would be ‘fine’. That changed my thinking and it gave me a lot of confidence.  It was as if I had the confidence buried within me about my creative work, but I needed someone to say that to me, so the confidence could emerge and be useful. Sometime at the end of February I was frustrated.  I have several close friends and they are all very successful in their work.  I didn’t understand why none of them asked me about my monolgues or show even though I had told them about it and said I wanted to share more information about it with with them.

One Friday one of these women friends called up and I told her I was a little angry that she never asked about my work when I always asked about her work.  She was apologetic and that encouraged me to talk to another friend;  this was my friend Astrid, a wonderful painter, and when I told her I needed her to  ask me about my show and writing, she said, “oh of course, what do you need?” And I said, “I need a place to do it; I need a director, a producer”.

We talked a few more minutes and hung up. Two hours later she called,  “I have a place for you. I just had lunch with a friend, Anne T. who is head of women in the arts at the Santa Monica Bay Women’s Club.   And she said you can do your show there and be their ‘artist’ in residence. I was stunned.  It was to do with the arts, it was a place to do my work, it was  real help.  I was being taken very seriously.

The following Monday I went to the beautiful building in Santa Monica and met  Anne who was lovely. She showed Astrid and me around. There were two spaces, one an auditorium which felt too big and formal and then another beautiful space where they have dance classes and art shows and intimate performanceS. I loved it and once again it so resonated with me,   there were art shows there and the two women – Astrid and Anne are visual artists. All a part of Laura’s intuitions.

Then it all fell into place,  I met with the committee of the club and got a small committee made up of a solo performer and teacher and an artist/art historian and Anne T. to help me structure and organize the show. All along the way my husband had encouraged me, but with this new energy and real world connection he became even more involved and helpful.

Warner Loughlin, my friend and acting coach has been a part of my process all along and continued to be a supportive integral part of the creative process of developing the characters and connections between them. Chris Anthony, another friend and a brilliant photographer went with me to the canals and took great evocative photographs.   My manager, Sarah Jackson had always been  an enthusiastic listener about my project  agreed to produce the show.

Out of the blue an old friend and amazing director, Davida Wills-Hurwin called me and we had coffee and she spontaneously asked me to write something with her and I agreed and we started having a great time writing a story together.

Then my daughter who was the third person in the circle with Laura, said “Davida would be a great director for you” which echoed what I had been thinking. I asked her and she said yes. The other part of working with women in the arts and the Santa Monica bay Women’s club was doing something to connect  to other charitable groups in the community.  Davida, my director teaches at Crossroads School where my children went to school and we were able to come up with a program to take a few high school students to train as  volunteers to work at 826, a program that helps kids after school do their homework and write.  I would then train them in teaching creative dramatics and we would do a few workshops at 826 with the students from crossroads working with kids at 826 as a pilot program.