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New beginnings are in the air!

When you are on the verge of creating something new is often the time when old fears, habits and reaction styles come roaring to the forefront. Change, even positive change often feels risky to our habit loving subconscious. I can tell by your e-mails that many of you are about to make wonderful changes to […]

Ordinary life is spiritual life!

Dear Circle, I read all of your e-mails and many of you have had a very hard few months. What strikes me the most about our Circle is your efforts to maintain your humanity even when your challenges are so great that they feel inhuman. Healing practices like meditation, good diet, exercise, laying on of […]

Let us make the rest of 2013 really count!

With every breath you take, join your energy and intention with every member of our Circle to live THIS DAY productively, performing your daily tasks with joy, commitment and sacredness. The most powerful way to reach your goal/New Reality is to consciously join energy with others in this Circle and in your life/community/family/world. Start your […]

Create a Circle group!

Many of you have e-mailed to ask permission to use The Circle to lead your own groups as healers, therapists, teachers or simply people willing to make the space to lead a gathering focusing on change. The Circle is for you. Please feel free to use it as your own. I wrote The Circle with […]