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When I published The Circle: How the power of a single wish can change your life (2001), I had been doing The Circle and hosting Circles for my community for twenty years. The Book came out on 9/10/01. On 9/11 my World Trade Center neighborhood was evacuated and Barnes and Noble offered me space to do The Circle on a regular basis to heal my community. My wish for The Circle, in creating a guidebook for individual Circle work was, and is, that The Circle would be a healing format that people would use and offer in communities all over the world. It was published when it was needed and the work has been continued by amazing readers all over the world.
Many of you lead your own Circles, for friends, your community, for young people, in hospitals, as a integrative format for business, as a process in families to encourage cooperation, in your 12 step meetings, incorporating it into your performances and many other ways that I hadn’t imagined!
There is a simple format in The Circle ( under Community) for leading your own Circles. I have started to circulate a list of people holding Circle groups and those interested in attending. These groups are usually free or for a small charge to cover supplies or venue and often the leaders rotate so that everyone in the group can offer to be the facilitator and add their own unique gifts to the process! Some of the leaders have done workshops with me and some simply use the book and make it their own. If you are interested in being on a Circle list please e mail me with “Circle group list” and your city in the subject line at and I will share your email with others who are interested in doing The Circle in a group. Please let me know if you have an ongoing Circle group and all the details so that I can share it with others (as always, topic and city in the subject line).
When I am in town I sometimes drop in on these groups and I am always happy to say hello by Skype. We usually use the blue, Atria edition of The Circle (it has a workbook) for the Circles. I do not personally know many of the people who run the Circles so, of course, do your own due diligence around safety if they are not in a public place! Often, the Circles have Facebook pages or use other social media where you can check them out!!!
I am leading free Circles across the country as my gift to you and myself. If you send me an email with your city in the subject line at, when I have 50 people, I find a Church and bookstore to host me (often with your generous help) and I do a free workshop often accompanied by a Laying on of Hands/Psychic Healing event, incorporating local healers. This way I can help seed your Circles in your communities and meet you all face to face which gives me great joy and healing. If you know of a Unity Church or bookstore that has an event space and would like to host me please give them my information!!
Remember, intuition and healing are innate gifts. You can train and use your community to exchange intuitive and healing sessions and in doing so strengthen both your life and future and your community! You can also offer Laying on of Hands/Psychic Healing to others. The simple instructions are in The Circle. Do not be shy about offering your gifts to others!
I do The Circle every day. I focus on one element a week in the workbook (weekly exercises). It occurred to me that it would be nice to do the elements together. This week I am on the fourth element, Synchronicity. On Monday I begin Making Space. Of course, as I do each element I also do the shorter exercises for the other elements as those issues and opportunities arise. On March 23rd I will have completed this Circle and I will start with the first element again, INTENTIONALITY. I would love if you all would work along with me and engage in discussion on this blog! You all ask me amazing questions and share incredible insights by email. It would be great if you could do this on the blog and share your journey, struggles and wisdom, with us all at www.practical .
I am always grateful when you email me your stories of miraculous healings and insights as well as your observations about how I can better serve you at
On itunes I have 2 recordings that you can use in your Circles to prepare for intuitive and healing work and to get the group into the energy of The Circle. You can also read The Circle meditation aloud from page 24 or do a joining meditation of your own. If you are reading the meditation remember to experience it as you read it. In doing so you share healing with the whole group and give your voice the power and energy of The Circle.
On itunes
Energy: Healing, Intuition and Change-Laura Day
The Healing Circle-Laura Day
Please include me and my family in your healings. I do healing each morning and I always look on the blog, my email, Facebook and so on for your healing requests.
I join you in The Circle and I am looking forward to connecting face to face with more of you this year!

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  1. Christina Tseng
    Christina Tseng says:

    My little Story: I built a website last Nov-Dec (, got it mostly finished over Christmas. I am hoping the site can grow without the geographical restriction. I did a presentation at a local church in January to 60+ moms but no one signed up. I was getting frustrated and didn’t know what else to do.

    Right after the healing session in Venice this past Thursday, I came across a forum posting on 15+ moms expressed how difficult it was to find/keep friends in the mommyville. Since it’s an online community I didn’t worry as much about rejection or bugging people. I private messaged ~20 moms, asked them to get on my website to help me test it. I got responses from 6 of them, and 1 mom signed up. But I figured why stopped there so I continued to post on a couple local Facebook mommy groups and got a few more to sign up. 2 moms complained that “” was a dating website, and they will never get on it. I made a tiny tweak, and completely taking out any “dating” association. That’s the exact feedback I needed to iterate and push forward.

    I thought about how to make my business grow night and day, every day. But it’s wondrous to experience how, right after the healing in Venice, after being stuck for 1.5 months, I could see pass my blind spot and continue to move forward. It’s a tiny step, but just what I needed to keep going.

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      Christina, I am so excited for you. I love your site and it really is The Circle for mothers! Let our Circle know how we can support your amazing new endeavor. Everything you do you do so well and with such kindness. I trust your integrity and I am so happy that The Circle helped you resolve some of the roadblocks!

  2. Meg
    Meg says:

    I first learned of Laura during my divorce while reading “Welcome to Your Crisis” which I have shared with numerous people since. I was thrilled to learn of “The Circle” a few months ago. Getting ready to “do the circle” each morning is like waking up to Christmas each day. I truly look forward to it because the JOY & APPRECIATION it evokes is life changing. While in the Circle, I feel as though I am in a safe haven of my own creation….so much so I don’t want to leave! If our thoughts become our reality, then “The Circle” is a wonderful tool to take you to your own version of a beautiful reality. Thank you Laura.

  3. Batia Zareh
    Batia Zareh says:

    I discovered Laura Day thanks to another powerful woman, the astrologer Susan Miller, when, although I had since childhood been a writer – I write every day – I’d found myself at a career crossroads struggling to imagine how to reshape it. Would I spend my life doing what other people thought I should or could I find the energy to shift and embrace an as yet unidentified new reality? It was a choiceless choice requiring a show of faith in modulating my future, and I couldn’t have hoped for a more motivating guide; one who’d much prefer that I be better able to stand strongly on my own than perpetually feed some guru’s ego (a favorite moment over the many years of studying with Laura was when she pronounced at the beginning of a retreat, “You’re welcome to stay if you like but you’re done and ready for what’s next, so if you want to go home early and get started, I’ll give you a refund.”).

    Our work together is always about me coming back into more of my own power with refined clarity and purpose, and then finding an authentic way to perpetuate that purer energy in the world. For me writing is listening – in my case channeling the voices of the characters whom I have created and their stories as they unfold – and so getting back in touch with the practice of giving my intuition as much airtime as the rational linear approach I’d been trained to rely on exclusively in the workplace recalibrated everything in my creative career. The messages that had long been trying so hard to get my attention encounter fewer inner roadblocks plus I benefit from endlessly surprising synchronicity thanks to what I’ve learned from the trailblazing Aries embodied as lovely Laura Day.

  4. Stacey Shawntee Arcangel
    Stacey Shawntee Arcangel says:

    I really love all of Laura’s books and the Circle is a favorite. So simple a process, yet so effective. I have done professional “Intuitive” work myself for many years and I still refer people to my favorite of Laura’s books, “Practical Intuition” whenever someone wants to develop their own skills. Her information just makes sense and is easy to follow. I also use her techniques to improve and expand my jewelry business and personal goals. I look forward to all the information she shares.

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      The Circle:How the power of a single wish can change your life, is the process that I use every day to keep my intuition and healing working for me and to reach my goals. I love knowing that others are doing it with me!

  5. SW
    SW says:

    Hi Laura, I love The Circle, I used it once and my goal was accomplished, though I wasn’t sure if it would still become true without the book, I enjoyed reading the book and doing the exercises. I’m not really a reader, The Circle is one of the few books I finished reading from first to last
    With that being said, I didn’t go back to the book after my goal being accomplished. (feeling guilty)
    And I really do want to pick it back up. I am at the age of finding the right guy and prepare for marriage. But I have a complicated (almost disastrous) family situation, which I feel is holding me back from finding the “perfect” guy for myself. What should be my new reality now? Is it solving family issues, or finding my future husband, or can both of the two things be in one New Reality?

    Thanks xoxo~

  6. jahanzaib
    jahanzaib says:

    laura day thanks for giving us such a good work of yours . i acknowledge your work . and i have a question that how much time in day this wishing exercise embodies to our self to get a real desire . i have fear of mental illness?????

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      It is more of a noticing and experiencing exercise than a wishing exercise. The Circle works well with the support of psychiatry if you have a fear of mental illness.


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