This Weeks Intuitive/Healing Group Work in The Circle


This week we will commit to working as one unified body of energy on Embodiment and the particular gifts and vulnerabilities that our natural capacity for Mediumship provide. You may want to review Embodiment in The Circle and Mediumship in How To Rule The World From Your Couch.

Here are some excerpts from the Couch chapter on Mediumship and the ones I want you to work on in your embodiment this week.


“Mediumship is the first intuitive skill that we empoy as babies….Meduimship is the ability to merge so completely with something or someone else that we experience ourself as the other. ( How To Rule The World From Your Couch)


“ Once your mind gets over the idea that you can’t become someone or something else, your mediumship skills will blossom quickly. … You are always experiencing a whole universe of people inside of you and thinking that the experience is your own.” ( How To Rule The World From Your Couch)


So our work for this week is two fold. Use your Mediumship to experience people who have achieved what you want in your New Reality and BE AWARE of your own experience and how you may have uninvited peoples experiences inside of you! Get them out. How? Use mindfulness. Go through your senses one by one and limit what you are experiencing by what is real and true in this moment. Are you feeling depressed? Who comes to mind? Might they be inside of you in a way that you didn’t invite them to be? This may not be intentional on their part. Now, what is real for you in this moment? Is it a nice day? Are you doing something pleasant or doing some unpleasant chore effectively in a way that could make you feel good? REALLY BE IN THE BEST OF THIS MOMENT. YOU, ONLY YOU, INSIDE OF YOU! Most of the time you will find that you are really OK! Even Joyful when you get the energy distortions out of you.

Please work on each person on our list at least once a day. A good healing focus is to embody their New Reality filling them completely and displacing anything that is “other” than their own best being.

Please share with the group, if you are comfortable doing so, the changes that you experience as you master your own energy.

Please share this post and help our group and the work grow. I look forward to healing with you and working together to recreate reality.

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