This week we join energy to work on Telepathy in The Circle!

Where attention goes, energy flows!

This week we will work as one unified energy to do something new. It is an aspect of Embodiment in The Circle, and you can review it in How To Rule The World From Your Couch, under Telepathy. Here is a passage from the book that describes our work this week.

“Before we address how you can use telepathy effectively, we must address the impediments to your natural ability. Right now I want you to be aware of the conversations you have in your head and heart that have no real goal. These include conversations with people who have hurt you in the past; arguments that, even if resolved, have no positive outcome; desires for acknowledgment that really bring you no tangible gain; discussions with the world at large or with God that is too esoteric to bear real results in your life; even conversations you have habitually with yourself that are disempowering.” (p )

This week we master our minds and clear the space for our Telepathy to be directed at conversations that are useful to us. Perhaps with an future employer or love partner, or even with your highest self. This takes discipline, as you choose, over and over again, to direct your attention to what is healing, empowering and what will create a New Reality of your choosing for you.

When we work as one energy, unified by a common intent, miraculous things occur. When you change your telepathy, you change the world.

Please share with the group, if you are comfortable doing so, the changes that you experience as you master your own mind.

I look forward to seeing you all in Phoenix this weekend and exchanging readings and healings!

You can post your New Reality or intuitive questions here.

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