Work together this week to MAKE SPACE for TRANSFORMATION

This week we work in a new way with Making Space. Let us commit together to Making Space in The Circle! Every time we are faced with clutter, challenge, intrusive thoughts or resistant behaviors, let us ask ourselves, what would I rather use this energy for. Notice the clutter in your life/mind/world/relationships and when you can, Make Space.

If we all participate, with commitment, joining The Circle, many times a day, and before sleep, our lives will change dramatically this week and in the weeks to come as we work as one, unified community to Make Space and create Transformation in our lives. Add your New Reality to our group healing list at

I suggest that you do the Packing Your Trunk exercise on Page 80 of Welcome To Your Crisis and review Making Space/Transformation in The Circle. As the week progresses, make conscious choices about where you put your energy, resources and thoughts. Expect to be presented with challenges and trigger and each time greet them with excitement as they are occasions to choose something new.

Every time you are about to “react” ask yourself if you really want to continue the old dynamic, and, if not, what you are choosing to put the energy into that is new!

“ Learning to live well means learning to let go. That knowledge and ability make us joyful and successful.

     We all realize the importance of giving up harmful things in our lives: A bad relationship, a debilitating job,. But relinquishing even these things is often impossible until you let go of the sense of self that is bound up with these things.”  (Welcome to Your Crisis p 67)

Making Space is difficult and we all respond to the challenge by defaulting to our Crisis Type. Notice when your reaction style comes up for you and do something different. Remember that we all have elements of all of the types but you are one, predominant type and you have been in “Type” since you were a child.

“* If you are a denial type, chances are that you don’t often see the crisis coming

*If you are an anger type, you probably create most of your crises by destabilizing situations through rage.

* If you are an anxiety type, you are so busy dealing with problems that don’t really exist or matter that the real situations in your life grow to crisis proportions.

* If you are a depression type, you probably let your problems pile up, retreating from appropriate actions even when you know what actions to take, until situations are truly at a crisis point. “ (Welcome To Your Crisis- p 98/98)

Denial Types- Do something that causes you to FEEL. Sing a song that makes you emotional, watch a you tube that elicits feeling so that your effectiveness can address what is really going on and what you want to achieve

Anxiety Types- Do ANYTHING to distract yourself from your obsessions and worries. These obsessive thoughts do not contain your answers! Clean your sock drawer, help a friend with their problem, dance! When you distract your clarity shines through and creates right action for you to achieve your goals.

Anger Types- Release the charge. If you are alone do something physical, jumping jacks for example, until you are calm and your passion, your unique ability to pursue your dreams ceaselessly, can work effectively for you to create change.

Depression Types- Make one small move towards self support. Pick a tiny thing you can do now to address a problem and do it allowing your depth of being and understanding to have impact in your life.


Work with our unified Circle and you own awareness to Make Space for Transformation and your New Reality to occur.

I very much appreciate it when you “share” the exercise and broaden our Circle!

I am excited to hear from you all how this week unfolds. When you share your successes with us you empower our Circle!

I look forward to seeing you upstate New York people at the Circle event on Sunday in Woodstock New York



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