When you are in Integrity with yourself, everything is possible!

Dear Circle,

This week we join as one energetic community to create Coherence in our lives and in within our being. When you have Coherence you are in Integrity and when you are in Integrity, you are unstoppable.

When you are in Integrity, with yourself and your world, you seamlessly create your New Reality. Integrity, in yourself is the work to have your different goals, beliefs , and personas some of them conflicting, be in dialog with each other until they find a communality. In your life it is the ongoing effort to live within your core beliefs while making the adjustments and compromises needed to thrive.

Integrity is Coherence in The Circle. Do your Coherence exercises. Write down your goals and use the suggestions in the chapter to sort out where they conflict and to come up with creative compromises.

Do the same exercise on many selves. Dialog with the different parts of you, the moral person, the angry person, the generous person, the survivor , and so on, until you find a central place in yourself where you can deliver a coherent message.

The gift of Coherence, of Integrity, is Right Action. When you resolve inner conflict you become a unified, powerful, source of action. You act from an inner place of intention and centeredness and what ever comes at you is metabolized in a way that empowers you.

Pay special attention this week to your Crisis type so that your automatic reactions don’t interfere with your commitment to Coherence. You may want to build on last weeks awareness of your new Personal Mythology so that you remain Coherent in the face of inevitable frustrations! Remember, you can’t always choose what happens to you but you can choose how you respond to it! Give your Integrity the power, not your reactivity, and you will prevail.

I love reading your sharing and experiencing how supportive and wise you are for one another. Thank you all for your openness and generosity.

I very much appreciate it when you “share” the exercise and broaden our Circle! Thank you to all of you who “shared”



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  1. Kikki
    Kikki says:

    Thank you Laura. Beautiful words! I agree that is important to stay true to who we are and at the same time be open and thankful for all our experiences.

  2. Allan Babu
    Allan Babu says:

    I must say that I read this article some time ago when I really needed it. At that time, questions of morality and right and wrong was very confusing to me, and even if something is right from my perspective, it’s wrong from someone else, and they still get deeply hurt when I do something I think is right but they don’t, and as a healer, which you talk about in most of your books, one must also pay attention to when people get hurt, and how to avoid that. But I realize, even when you are not extremely confused, integrity is something you need to work and check on and embody every day. So thank you

  3. Allan Babu
    Allan Babu says:

    Also, I agree with this article totally. Intuition without integrity is like an Internet without an intelligent user. You can direct your intuition to do something really stupid or useless, like u always say, teacher Day. Integrity clarifies intuition and enriches intelligence. The Trinitarian I’s. Integrity, Intuition and intelligence.

  4. Allan Babu
    Allan Babu says:

    But integrity is the captain that directs one’s intuitive ships, sailors, and everything else on board!!!! Everything makes so much more sense now, Mrs. day!!!


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