Fake it ’till you make it

I used to hate the saying “Fake it ’till you make it” but that is what we are going to join together to do in this exercise. The element we are working on is Embodiment in The Circle and Body Heat (but used on ourselves!) in How To Rule The World From Your Couch.
Take a breath, right now, and on your exhalation, experience (or even suggest to yourself) that you are positively and powerfully connected to our Circle of beings, committed to our own and each others healing, and, to everyone positive and healing that is connected to every being in our Circle, and so on and so on.
Take a moment and, without anything external having to change in your life, find your “happy place”. Use gratitude, movement, sound, prayer, meditation, music, friendship, anything that brings you to a place where you can feel, or even entertain the possibility of feeling, what you want to feel in your life.
Use affirmations, true positive statements, to open the possibility for change. Be mindful of your self speak and your telepathy (both incoming and outgoing) and use discipline to engage in true, yet supportive and affirming thoughts about yourself and life and disengage from toxic telepathy by redirecting your thoughts to joyful or constructive themes.
This exercise is about self love, self healing, self empowerment and responsibility for your state of being. Life will have it’s ups and downs but you have infinite choices in how you will experience them and, as most of us know, what you are you create!
This is not ignoring what is difficult, what is challenging, what must be addressed or resolved. You are choosing to change the energy with which you address these things.
We join, now and throughout this exercise, as one, unified, powerful and effective energy of healing to allow our positive choices and attitudes to re-create our health, our life, our experience of the world and, one another’s reality.

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  1. Joanna OBrien Amoroso
    Joanna OBrien Amoroso says:

    Ty that blog was very inspiring, its hard some days to face negative people. Especially if they r family, and have handicaps. I love reading all your books, I just wish I could express my positiveness in front of other people without being critized. Ty Joanna

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      The challenge is to keep your positiveness even when it is challenged. It will strengthen you and if you use some of the clearing exercises you will reassure yourself that the more you are in you the less anyone’s negativity can influence you


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