Now is the time to be in the moment. In this moment you can revise the past and create the future but only if you are fully present in the now.
As we continue to do The Circle, and build a New Reality together, let us now focus on the art of simply being.
Sometimes striving and focusing actually narrows your field of possibility. A laissez-faire attitude doesn’t allow you to put the work into your goals either. If you have been doing the work on this site and in The Circle, you have already set in motion what you want. Now is the time to be fully present in what is and be active in the opportunities of the moment.
Start by making a list of the issues you want to resolve now; physical, relational, financial, emotional and situational. Once you have done this and you are comfortable that you won’t “forget” to put energy into your wishes, let it all go.
Our job now is to join together in our Circle and to BE in our moment. In order to do this you will find yourself addressing discomforts in a novel way.
Every day pick one person on our list
( ) for whom you will focus your love and healing. You can let them know or you can do it anonymously (don’t forget me!!!!!!! and of course I will do this too). Once an hour, experience our entire Circle in an energy of perfect health, peace, abundance, creativity, love and joy and, of course, at 6 p.m. New York Time, join with the Circle and ALLOW as you bless others with your energetic presence.
Most of all, remember to be present for what is, in the moment. Whatever is happening in the moment IS the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Allow yourself to suspend the judgement of the process until you can look back and experience the gains. If we all devote ourselves to this, I think we will experience our lives transform quickly and beautifully.
Take a breath, right now, and on your exhalation, experience (or even suggest to yourself) that you are positively and powerfully connected to our Circle of beings, committed to our own and each others healing, and, to everyone positive and healing that is connected to every being in our Circle, and so on and so on.
Remember, you are not alone and TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!
Please spread the word of the workshops! I appreciate your support!

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  1. Zuri
    Zuri says:

    I have a very old wish that hasn’t come true but I’m currently working on other goals with that wish sidelined. How should I pick my circle wish for October 31st with that in mind?

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      Don’t change your wish but update it. How does your current reality and goal fit into your old vision. Your New Reality is meant to be updated as intuition and life provides new opportunities and information in the form of Synchronicity and Roadblocks!


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