We have all been working hard on the elements of The Circle. This week we join, as one unified and healing energy, to do the hardest thing of all: Let go!

As we continue to work on being in the moment, in joy, we let go of our intention, our struggle, outcomes, snags, and all of the rest and we simply release our being into The Circle and each other’s fine care, for resolution.

That means that this week we do not focus on our New Reality. We simply include one another as part of this magnificent body of energy and love. We affirm our commitment to be there for one another as we allow instead of intending, for ourselves.

My husband said to me recently, while I was struggling with something and driving myself crazy, “I’ve got you” (rarely does he use colloquial English so the expression was even more stunning). Lets say that to one another and lets really work to put one another in the perfect matrix of healing as we release our own healing to The Circle.

You may want to review the chapter on Unity in The Circle and work on your Crisis type (Welcome to your Crisis), so that you can be present to the miracles of the moment instead of reacting to the patterns of the past.

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  1. Lissa
    Lissa says:

    Thank you for this! I get so tired of myself, of my anxious, neurotic, self-focused behavior. When I forget about myself, leaving self-consciousness behind, concentrating on others, the world is a much better place. The concept that someone’s “got me” is an incredibly comforting one. (And, in reality, someone does have my back … I’m gifted with a loving partner and family and very good friends. The greatest saboteur in my life is me!) Your advice of “Let go!” has become my new mantra. Again, thank you for your blog and your books, always a wonderful inspiration!


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