Dear Circle,

The Reality Tales you did last week engaged Precognition and, ideally, illuminated some new options for your goals.

Our group work this week will focus on your being the hero of our own story. Continue working on your Reality Tales (P 138,139,140 in The Circle) however this week you will focus on who you are within them and not on what is happening outside of you in your New World! If you want to do this exercise more in depth it is in , Welcome to Your Crisis, chapter 8, Rewriting Your Personal Mythology.

Here are some questions to address before you start this weeks Reality Tales

What is the story that you tell about your life?
What character are you in this story? What would the story of your life look like, told with truth, in a way that would support your New Reality?
How would you describe yourself in this New Reality?
What would you have to let go of in your description/view of self to embrace this new you?

Keep reviewing these questions this week and let you intimate, intuitive, wise sense of self help you transform.

As always, the most powerful part of The Circle, is that we work, as one energy, to create each of our individual healings and New Realities.

Our group work will be to join as one, unified, healing force to co-create each of our new stories and transformations as we fully become the person who can live in the New Reality we are creating. As you do this you will see that Synchronicity/Effectiveness becomes almost effortless as you address Inner Roadblocks, allow healing and let go of the parts of your story that no longer fit who you are.

I know this weeks work is a lot of work but this is our Spring Cleaning, making room for a burst of life!

November Boot Camp, certificate training in Practical Intuition is up as is the June, Esalen workshop.

I join you all in The Circle.



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