Stories of pain are stories of courage. Please share yours with me.

You cannot always control reality, so it is life’s challenge to make your pain useful in healing yourself and others. In fact, you have to make it useful in order to grow and thrive.
On December the 13th I lost my baby sister. Her name was Sarah, and she was 52 years old. She is survived by two beautiful and very adored children and a husband who has been our rock, the voice of reason in a family of hotheads. Two years and two months earlier, I had lost my brother, Alexander.
I started a new book — as some of you know I am always working on three or four at a time — in October, 2012. I felt called to write about the true spiritual journey, the struggle to build a life in the material world and to evolve past what we were born to be. The key components of this book were the eternal nature of life, the oneness of all being and energy, and the very important work of healing our past and the world around us — the work that we are all here to do. As I tend to do, I then became distracted by another project and left this one unfinished. The following October, in 2013, my brother committed suicide, and on his funeral card, chosen by his wife, was the Einstein quote with which I had begun the book the year before. My brother brought me back to the work I had begun the year prior.
With the death of my beloved sister on December 13th,  2015, I feel even more compelled to bring this book to completion. Many of you in our Circle are very intuitive, and many of you are marvelous healers.  Yet many of you still struggle with manifesting what you want in the world and being seen as you want to be seen. There is a reason for that, and there is a methodology by which we can heal. I have seen this work create dramatic transformations in people’s lives, my own included.
For the past few years, I have workshopped this book at Esalen Institute, and will do so again this June. I think that it has taken The Circle to the next level, giving students the tools to create dramatic, positive change and giving practitioners an additional tool to use with clients in their intuitive and healing practices.
I would like to hear your stories about the injuries that you carry, how you feel that they have harmed your ability to create your life as an adult, and the gifts, if any, that these injuries have given you. If I feel that the new work will be useful to you, I will respond by giving you some guidance from the new book and from my intuition, and we can begin to flesh out this book together — and, perhaps, heal your life in the process. I may respond with questions. If I use any of the stories in the book, I will change the details and, of course, keep you anonymous. With some of you, I will work with you, back and forth, until your issue is resolved. If you would like to participate, please put “NEW BOOK” in the subject line of your email and send it to
I will be posting new events soon at  Let me know if you have a local church, bookstore, or healing/yoga (and so on) center where a workshop or Healing Circle would be welcome. As always, when I have a list of 50 people I set up a free event. I will be starting Circles across the country this year for those of you who would like to lead them. I do the intro, and then you do the nine elements in nine sessions. I do not charge to help you set up these Circles, and you should price them in a way that has integrity for you. If I cannot come in person, I do the first session by Skype, but I love to show up when I can.
I also ask that you send my sweet baby sister light, as only you wonderful light workers can. IMG_1091 IMG_1283IMG_3123 IMG_1285 IMG_4535 IMG_7554
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  1. Alethea Brown
    Alethea Brown says:

    Sending lots of divine healing light and love around your family and your sister through all her souls incarnations. She is pure light returned to source

  2. Zuri
    Zuri says:

    Really excited about this new book, it sounds incredibly useful. Sending lots and lots of love and healing to you and your family!

  3. Mary Jo Stewart
    Mary Jo Stewart says:

    I am so sorry for both of your losses. Even though we know that we incarnate for a limited time, it is very easy to forget that there are no guarantees of a long life for any one of us. I wish you peace in the months ahead as you adjust to having their friendship and guidance come from another plane of existence. I also hope you are able to write the new book easily and with joy.

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Mary Jo. The new book is written and I am now picking it apart, as I do! I feel my sister and brother with me every step of the way.

  4. Cassie
    Cassie says:

    I teared up when I read this post. Sending love and healing to your entire family…including your beloved sister and brother. You are such an amazing soul, Laura, and I feel so privileged to share a circle with you. Thank you for your teaching and sharing and never-ending well of love.

  5. Valerie
    Valerie says:

    Laura, I just found your post and am so moved. I’m sending peace and healing to you and your family. What beautiful photos; beaming love. Reading your work is helping me address my own wounds and family disfunctions. My friends and acquaintances tell me I should write a book because of my history. Despite your post being over two years old, I’m going to write you an email about my personal challenges and how I have lived my life so far in gratitude.


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