Circle Work- Precognition and Synchronicity to be effective in your life!

This is a week about effectively using our own healing (from last week) and the energy of The Circle and our unity within it, to consciously, synchronistically, effectively create your New Reality.

As one unified energy, we join to empower each other in Precognition in How To Rule The World From Your Couch, which corresponds to Synchronicity/Effectiveness in The Circle. You may want to spend the week working on your Reality Tales (P 138,139, 140) in The Circle.

A word about Precognition. We are often least clear intuitively about issues or people who put us in Crisis. There is a tendency to seek out the kind of information that “lights up” our reaction type (Anxiety, Rage, Denial or Depression). You may want to practice and train your Precognition on positive and creative goals as opposed to “predicting” things that you are preoccupied with. Reality Tales are a way to engage precognition to allow possible scenarios to be intuited, reformed, and reconstructed. Your reality tales, if you do them regularly, will give you a lot of accurate, intuitive, predictive data to work with in making the adjustments and choices that will create your best reality. Your Reality Tales will help you identify what you really care about and how to work in the present to create the best future. Don’t edit yourself as you create your Reality Tales. If something is there that you no longer want or is not a prediction that you are comfortable with, Precognition will allow you find solutions to create a different reality. The gift of Synchronicity is Effectiveness. You will work with precognition and the world around you as the world around you shifts to co-create your New Reality. Everything becomes easier, fluid, supported and inspired. All of the sudden you meaningful coincidences occur that carry you to your goal and to your most joyful self. You are prepared, through Precognition, to make use of them and as you have more impact on the world, the world, in turn, offers you experiences for your healing and growth; the necessary inner shifts that have to occur for you to be a holistic part of your New Reality. Not only does the world have to shift to accommodate the new but you have to shift as well. Although inner change is often challenging, it will bring you to a powerful place of joy and strength. 

As always, the most powerful part of The Circle, is that we work, as one energy, to create each of our individual healings and New Realities. Let us embody each other, clear and accurate in our Precognition and empowered to make the changes that we need to make to create our New Reality.

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  1. kat
    kat says:

    I don´t know where should I write my new reality. In my wish circle i ask for a relationship with Pablo Rios, is funny because, i never feel something like that, it is a happiness that I had never experienced before, maybe that’s why I get here, and is my first time in the circle, so, i want to share my wish with everybody; I’m in a relationship with Pablo Rios, and Am so happy.
    Thank you!!!!!!


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