“When everything goes right, you make a wish and it happens you are living the message of The Circle. Life is supposed to work and we are supposed to work together to create our individual dreams. The circle keeps you focused on your ability to create your life, by choice, every day and in any situation. Subtle changes create enormous gains. Laura day shows you how to change a lifetime of living life by habit into a life build by choice. We all have the infinite capacity to become our dreams. The Circle helps you reclaim this ability while helping you help others.”

“I met Laura Day when I lost my dog, Norman. I was with my ex at the time, and he said, ‘You need to call this woman.’ I was, like, Call this Woman?! She said Norman would be missing for a day and a half, and sure enough he was.”

“It’s just about understanding your personality… very individual”

– Jennifer Aniston on Welcome to Your Crisis

“We all sort of hope to have great women in our lives to look up to and she’s just been that for me.”

“We always have an inner voice, whether it’s in a work situation, in a family situation, any kind of dilemma or whatever. We don’t always listen to our instincts.”

– Jennifer Aniston on learning to go with her gut

“It’s not about crisis so much as it is about every single person who goes through anything in their life, whatever that may be. It’s just about understanding your personality in a way so that you know that it’s not sort of a group decision on how people approach things. It’s very individual.”

“I’m learning, I’m learning to use my intuition. I think, it’s just we all have it, don’t we. It’s just tuning into it.”

“She’s just about putting your mind into the positive.”

“She’s just a great friend and a wise woman.”

“We all sort of hope to have great women in our lives to look up to and she’s just been that for me.”

“Laura has just been a great friend. We are great friends to each other and I’ve known her forever. She’s just a wise woman, a wise woman. And she’s cute.”