In this video, Laura Day explains how bright shiny objects can derail your intuition if you let them. It is an excerpt from Laura’s free monthly Barnes & Noble workshop in New York City.

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  1. dibrah
    dibrah says:

    i have read your books and promote your work as much as i can. you are such a blessing to my life.
    just wanted you to know that even though i don’t comment on the videos i watch, i watch them over and over again. gleaning information. i love them all.
    thank you

  2. sun
    sun says:

    this new video
    Bright Shiny Objects
    is brilliant
    Each new insight you share laura is something quite
    precise not just recited words

    but each video especially is a gem.
    what an insight.
    Embody Embody ( at times easier said than practiced)


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