Some New Practical Intuition Offerings

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Psychic reading exchange and healing for your goals. Join our community of intuitives and healers to share and develop your skills. Newcomers welcome.

Make A Wish As Professional Healers Heal You – On The New Moon

Make a wish. Write it down. Work on it from now until The New Moon. Draw it. Write about it. Talk about it. Make it clear and real in your life and then allow our professional healers to take it and you to the next level.   Professional healers, if you would like to donate […]

One Question Answered-Free Psychic Readings

Every one is a psychic Don't give that power away! Join our team of professional intuitive's to answer one of your questions as you learn to do a reading for others. Please review the video below before the event so you can experience your clarity in reading others as they read you. .How to do […]

Make A Wish – A Manifestation Ritual July 9th at 11 pm edt

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Ritual has only the power you give it but Unity has a power of its own. Give this ritual the power to grant a single wish Write it down. Draw it. Make it as real as you can and we will do the rest!   Let us join, in Unity, to perform a Ritual of […]

A Healing Rave – Professional Healers Join to Heal You

Lay your struggles down and allow our group of professional healers to carry you to your next brilliant moment!   For more information sign up for the newsletter and look at Instagram   Laura Day In The Telegraph Laura Day in Forbes

Ask 3 Questions – Free Readings

Join us on Instagram to give and receive intuitive readings on 3 questions.   More information on Instagram and in the newsletter.   Make sure to write your 3 questions down and number them 1,2,3.   Laura Day in Forbes Laura Day in Tatler (although I would NEVER name clients) Laura Day In The Telegraph Laura […]

How to start a professional intuitive (psychic) or healing practice

You can add intuition and healing to your professional offerings, become a professional intuitive or simply learn how to structure a more professional presentation for friends and family. This is for Boot Camp graduates only. Please have your materials such as pricing, descriptions and session structures ready for us to refine.


September Free Offerings

September 27th IG Live @lauradayintuit 5 pm et Special Guest @thelovelyalea  Cutting through Spiritual Shit! September 29th Clubhouse @lauraday Practical Intuition Club  7 pm et Practical Intuition in Love A mini-workshop September 30th IG Live @lauradayintuit 8 pm et 10 minutes A Healing Rave - Skilled Healers Join to Heal You