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Practical Intuition Intensive Boot Camp- Spring Training- March 2021

March 12 @ 1:00 am - April 18 @ 4:00 pm EST

- $825

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Practical Intuition Boot Camp Certificate Training on Zoom

A two-weekend (four day) online version of our annual Boot Camp Certificate Training in Intuition on Zoom.

Price is inclusive of all sessions and all sessions are mandatory to recieve a certificate of completion.

It will be followed, when possible, by invitation-only physical gatherings to exchange readings, healings, and ritual – and often food and drink – open only to Boot Camp students. These gatherings will take place in New York, Los Angeles, Rome, and London.

All online meetings will take place on Zoom.

There will be an hour break in each session for food, drink and to exchange readings in a more casual atmosphere. Please prepare your food/drink in advance.

During this online course we will be covering:

– How to do (and market) a psychic reading

– How to use intuition to increase your business

– Intuition and relationships

– How to use intuition to improve your life

– Psychic Self Defense

– How to add intuition to your professional practice

The best way to train intuition is to use it as your primary information gathering/sending technique over a concentrated period of time.

You train logic and emotions over a lifetime. During this intensive workshop your intuition will become equally available to you as a reasoning and predictive skill.

PRACTICAL INTUITION and THE CIRCLE will be the training textbooks for this event, so please read them, and practice them, prior to the training so that we can all work quickly and effectively together to train our skills.



I will be doing readings and healings right along with you!

After this intensive, you will have the basic training to do readings for yourself and others. You will be giving and receiving readings throughout each session, and the time between our meetings (and even your sleep) will be devoted to homework. You will be assigned different partners to work with in the “down time” during our sessions, and the more work you do together, the more skilled you will become.

A certificate will be given at the completion of the course. The most important gift of this workshop is that you will have a community of psychics and healers to work with going forward.

Advance registration is required. There is limited space so that I can work with each of you individually. A week before the workshop you will receive login information.

Please study your materials before the workshop so that we can work at an advanced level.

Come prepared for dramatic change in your body, relationships, and life!

Our online schedule is:

March 12th

1pm-4 pm New York Time

March 13th

1pm-5pm New York Time

March 14th

1pm-5 pm New York Time

April 18th

1pm-5pm New York Time

If you are in another time zone please note that EST changes to EDT on Sunday March 14th at 2 am

The price covers all meetings and is non-refundable (but transferable) due to limited space

Please note that this is a very intense, goal oriented, experiential workshop.

It is the practice of the reading that you will have done in preparation. Be prepared for a lot of work and a lot of intuitive information.


If you have questions about the training please email laura@lauraday.com

Someone emailed to ask me about the Boot Camp training, and I took it as an opportunity to write my thoughts in a way I hadn’t before.
The Practical Intuition Intensive Training, a.k.a. Boot Camp, is a few days of intensive practice in a group setting, using and refining your intuition. It is geared toward evidence-based, verifiable intuition as opposed to more spiritual or symbolic practices.
We have people of all levels, from beginners to professional intuitives. Some people take Boot Camp once, and some take it several times. I have people who took it 30 years ago and are taking it again now.
After Boot Camp ends, the group tends to stay together for many years to read, heal, promote, and support one another. Not everyone in Boot Camp wants to be a professional intuitive. Some simply want clarity for themselves. Some want a group of psychics to work with going forward. Some want the healing. Everyone is trained, however, as if they were going to be pros.
The graduates do many different kinds of intuitive and healing work. Some work as mediums, some as business intuitives, some mix their other abilities and become intuitive therapists, bodyworkers, coaches, and so on. And, again, some just use the group for their own support, healing, and development.
The preparation and practice period is very important, as we jump right into reading when Boot Camp begins. At the end, I give a Certificate of Completion – but not of achievement. When I believe students are ready to read I send them clients, but not simply because they have finished Boot Camp. Some are ready after one Boot Camp. Some need more time and support. I spend a lot of my own time training students, and I do at least one supervision session when I feel a student is ready; I do not charge for this time. I always follow up with these students/readers, as I need to know how they are progressing, and they often take Boot Camp again to stay on target. I am very hands-on – borderline intrusive – with my core group.
I have had the same clients for decades, and I almost never take new ones, so Boot Camp is where I find people to refer clients to, since it gives me a sure understanding of the person’s level of competence.
I am direct and I do a lot of reading in Boot Camp. So it is not “a walk in the park.” In fact the only time I read “civilians” is in Boot Camp and other workshops (including the free ones) or when someone gives me a half glass of wine before food.
I hope this is helpful.

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