We often forget to be consistent about the things we really care about. Distractions abound and much of our time is spent putting out fires. Make a moment every hour to do this weeks task, hold the entire group in love between your hands and in your heart as we went over in the post below.

Often as we heal our lives the awareness we have is also heartbreaking. Letting go of old ways of being, seeing treasured beliefs and dreams from a less flattering angle (and so on) is all necessary to move forward. The energetic love and support of our group can empower us to see what we need to see and grow our hearts and our lives from the clarity and courage that this sight engenders. We need each other to really move forward to our New Reality.

You may also want to pay special attention performing acts of love and noticing when others do the same. There are many languages of love, every person and situation has it’s own. Allow yourself to be open to learning some new ways that love can come into your life and expression.

Love is not “being in love” but the act of wishing each other well from a profound place in our being.

This week end let us really wish each other well, wish ourselves well and act on this truth.




Posted by Laura Day, September 18, 2010

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  1. connie
    connie says:

    We have a really strong group…thanks to Zuri for lifting me up this week…really needed it. I am going to use this week and take your advise, Laura! Wishing love and well wishes to everyone.

  2. Meg
    Meg says:

    Thank you Laura. This week has been a week of profound insight on my limiting beliefs that have kept me stuck. What I thought was right action was entrenching me more in the past and negative feelings. There were times I wanted to give up, just stay in bed, and not move. This group has helped me see my potential and brought opportunities to my door that I would have stepped over and ignored. Thank you all for your support.

    Love and light!

  3. Teresa O.
    Teresa O. says:


    Hoy y mañana envia amor a todo el grupo (incluyendote a ti mismo) por lo menos una vez cada hora.

    A menudo nos olvidamos de ser consistentes acerca de las cosas que realmente nos importan. Las distracciones abundan y mucho de nuestro tiempo lo pasamos extinguiendo incendios. Dedica un momento cada hora para realizar la tarea de esta semana, manten a todo el grupo con amor entre tus manos y en tu corazón como lo hicimos en la publicacion de abajo.

    Con frecuencia, sucede que mientras sanamos nuestras vidas la conciencia que tenemos es también dolorosa. Deshazte de tus viejas maneras de ser, viendo creencias y sueños atesorados desde un ángulo menos halagador (y así sucesivamente) es todo lo necesario para seguir adelante.

    El amor enérgetico y el apoyo de nuestro grupo nos puede capacitar para ver lo que necesitamos ver y hacer crecer nuestros corazones y nuestras vidas a partir de la claridad y el coraje que se engendra al ver esto.  Nos necesitamos unos a otros para movernos realmente hacia adelante, hacia nuestra Nueva Realidad.

    Tu también puedes prestar atención especial realizando actos de amor y dandote cuenta cuando otros hagan lo mismo. Existen muchos lenguajes de amor, cada persona y la situación tiene el suyo propio. Pérmitete estar abierto para aprender algunas nuevas formas en que el amor puede entrar a tu vida y tu expresión.

    El amor no es “estar enamorado”, es el acto de desear bienestar a los demas, desde lo mas profundo de nuestro ser.

    Este fin de semana vamos a realmente desear el bienestar mutuo, deseando también el bienestar de nosotros mismos y actuar sobre esta verdad.

    Con amor,


  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing synchronicity day for my new reality — and it was for people around me also, who were suddenly making long hoped for connections, all of a sudden! We shared our amazement.

  5. Ann
    Ann says:

    Hi Laura,

    I’ve been working on sending love for the past week and as you say, less important priorities often get in the way!

    I had an unusual experience I was hoping you could comment on. After doing all this energy work as well as lovingkindness meditations this week (my New Reality includes meeting my Soul Mate) I had a dream about someone from my childhood I’d always had a crush on. We had re-connected last year but he wasn’t available although he’s kept pursuing me. I told him 4 months ago not to contact me unless he becomes available.

    Well, two nights after my dream about him this past week when I’d been doing the energy work, he contacted me. I feel a lot for him but he’s only in the very early process of separating from his partner and says he never wants to get married again! So this cannot be the soul mate I’ve been directing my energy to manifest – can it? Plus he has children and I don’t think he wants more, whereas I really want children so I don’t know how things could work.

    The dream was clearly pre-cognitive, I hadn’t seen or heard from him in four months, not even thought about him. I had the dream and wondered whether he’d be contacting me and then he did. I wonder if the energy work is opening me up to greater intuition in general but -could I energetically be attracting someone who just keeps breaking my heart, because I’m spiritually open and vulnerable?

    Just wondered what this might all mean. I’ve really enjoyed the exercise though, it’s made me feel part of something greater and I love the thought of all of us supporting each other. in creating our New Reality.

    Love & Blessings to Everyone

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      Remember, even an intuitive dream is not a “sign” that you should move in one direction or another. Intuition does not replace common sense and when it flys in the face of it, it should be ignored as it is being mis-interpreted. My gut and my common sense says that this is a wait and see (proceeding if yo decide to do so with the greatest caution and good judgement) situation and in the meantime you should continue on toward your New Reality. If something is a deal breaker for you it is a deal breaker! It is a good thing to have expectations and to put yourself in situations where they will be met.

  6. Monica
    Monica says:

    I am sooo loving this exercise. It started out just simply following your directions, Laura. I intended to shower upon the group all the love I feel and emit towards my children. I did the exercise and the most amazing thing happened (at least to me)…I got the love back. Not just little tickles of it, either. A huge outpouring of energy and love. It was so overwhelming, the only way I could describe it is I felt like a conduit, where huge love was poured in and then I consciously poured it back out into our circle. I LOVE THIS CIRCLE!!! You are all so amazing. Thank you, Laura! Thank you, group!

    (And Tanya, my heart lives in your land. Please whisper a prayer for me on Croagh Patrick and send me a bit of the holy salt air. Go raith maith agat.)


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