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In this video, Laura Day explains how her online articles, blog, Twitter and Facebook exercises come together to form a free online course. It is an excerpt from Laura’s free monthly Barnes & Noble workshop in New York City. To find out more information, you can visit her website at

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  1. Donna Johnson
    Donna Johnson says:

    What a great video Laura and you are a big part of our community. I am new to all this but have just started the Couch book.. I was really getting into it then I had other things happen in my life and had to refer back to Crisis book. Hopefully I can get life settled again as I really enjoy your books and appreciate all the work you do to help us realize what we have within ourselves.I hope someday I’ll have the pleasure of meeting you but Spokane Washington is a long way away from nyc. I always have my nights to connect with everyone. Thanks again DJ

  2. Lion
    Lion says:

    Dear Laura, your issue about intuition is so real and so true, I had to discover my intuition quite late in life, sometimes it is forbidden to follow your feelings in life, but by chance, thru a friend I came to believe that I have intuitions and since then I live more aware of intuitions in general. I need to always ask my intuition what I feel, when I have to take important decisions. If my intuition responds negatively I act upon this feeling. Many people do not take their intuition seriously but that is wrong. Excuse me for my bad english, it’s not my mother tongue. However thank you for your beautiful thoughts and words etc.


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