Crystal’s Sleep Problems

I met Crystal at work.  I started this job in September of 2009.  I’m pretty shy in unfamiliar surroundings.  Crystal reminded me of my cousin Crystal, and I felt compelled to talk with her from time to time.  One day I noticed Crystal’s forehead wrinkled and she looked tired.  I asked her if anything was wrong.  She explained migraine and trouble sleeping.  I thought it was the trouble sleeping that caused the migraine so I stated asking her about her sleep patterns.  I saw myself struggling to sleep when I was younger and I knew that she kept herself too busy to think about anything and it would all come at her when she lay down to sleep.  I told her of ways to breathe and relax her mind to sleep better.  She tried this and it worked most of the time.  So most of the time when I would see her I would see her smiling.

In December I stumbled across “Practical Intuition” at a used book store.  Something told me to buy it.  I started reading it in January or February and by March I found myself trying to race through couch because I had registered for the March workshop.  The day of the workshop I read the facebook post something about there would be no registrations at the door.  My registration wasn’t complete; would I be able to attend?  Maybe I should save myself a lot of trouble and just stay home.  I looked in the mirror and said “I hope you know I ironed for this!  And I don’t iron!”  I heard…you should just come anyway.  I thought fine… I’m on my way, but I hope there’s a restaurant there because I haven’t eaten.  I heard, why come so early?  I explained in my head that I wanted to leave time in case I got turned around.  I would be more relaxed, make sure registration is taken care of, eat and read some.                   When I got to the hotel I was surprised that they told me where the room was and I was told to go right in, two hours early.  The lady said, Laura said to send people in if they showed up early.  I finished the last exercise, on healing, in Couch after breakfast.

After the workshop I was back to work.  I saw Crystal again and she again was having problems sleeping.  She told me that she had been given prescription sleeping pills from someone she knew.  I didn’t like the idea.  I told her “I’m going to do something for you tonight.”  That night I did focused healing to help her sleep.  I saw her the next day and she said she couldn’t sleep at all last night.  She felt really calm and peaceful but she couldn’t sleep at all.  I thought, well that didn’t work!

Two weeks later we were working on the same project when she asked me, “now tell me the truth…. Have you ever done Anything to me?” I said, well yes.  Crystal – I knew it!  Me – But it didn’t work.  Crystal – yes it did!  It made me calm and peaceful.  I felt so good.  I couldn’t sleep because I kept thinking… how’d she do that?!

I sent healing that night.  The next day she told me how well she slept, her sons too.  She explained how odd it is for them to go to sleep so early and sleep so good.  For the next few weeks she pointing out from time to time, how well she slept the previous night.  I would give her a shrug and say “it wasn’t me!”  We would smile and go on working.

Then one day Crystal told me that her cousin Anna stopped by with a care basket for her.  In it were prescription sleeping pills, flower tea among other things.  Crystal thanked Anna and said I will try some tea but I won’t need the rest,  Anna should keep it for herself.  Anna also suffers from insomnia.  Anna, very surprised, asked her why she didn’t need the pills.  How did she do it?  Crystal said I have a friend that taught me to sleep.  Now I sleep as soon as my head hits the pillow, nice and sound.  Anna says, have your friend teach me!

I found myself one morning, in the shower, thinking about the whole story.  Ah-ha!  I understand the reason Crystal kept sleeping so well after I sent the last healing.  The first time she resisted it to a point.  The second time she totally accepted it but said it felt different from the first time.  The first was much calmer and nicer.  See, I didn’t understand why she continued to ask me if I’d done anything more when I had not.  I feel kind-of silly…. Why didn’t I see it before?!  I sent healing.  If a wound is healed it doesn’t need more healing.  There can be a new wound in the future, there can be a re-injury, but now there isn’t a wound…. Therefore; her sleep is healed and she can sleep like a baby without having healing sent all the time, like she thought I was doing.

Posted by Laura Day, June 22, 2010

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