A letter from Barbara Lazaroff

A group of ladies met for lunch in N.Y. at the new Aureole restaurant. Let me give you a hint of how the day progressed; give Laura Day a martini, she is a lightweight when it comes to liquor, and table talk turns from what we know to what she “sees”. Early evening glided in and few of us remained. We moved to the bar, shifting space as elegant, resilant and emboldened remnants from our boisterous and engaging ladies lunch that afternoon. Involved women who simply hadn’t had enough of each other’s humor, experience or advice; continuing the celebration until the restaurant had to set up for dinner. As we were thinking about leaving the talk turned to Europe, a place we all had strong family and emotinal roots. I mentioned that I was heavily invested in the Euro and Laura said, “I would go home and sell that right now”. Sure enough, 36 hours later, the Euro went down sharply, I however, no longer owned any.
The moral of this story. Give Laura Day a cocktail and what gems are revealed may save you a bundle.
Barbara Lazaroff

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