Laura Day was a featured guest on KGO-TV’s “Your California Life”

In the segment entitled “Intuitionist Laura Day shares the four stages of crisis and how to overcome them,” Laura discussed why people are in a crisis now, the four types of crisis response, and the intuitive gift of each type. On the topic of emerging from crisis stronger, Laura stated, “In everyday life, we are run by our framework — by our habits, our beliefs, the demands of our world. When that gets unraveled, if we can find our footing, we are able to make changes that maybe we’ve wanted to make for decades…Those opportunities, if you are poised to take advantage of them, exist and your life can change exponentially in the positive.”

The feature credited Laura as an intuitive and author. The feature also mentioned her book Welcome to Your Crisis and included the link to Laura’s website.

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KGO-TV is an ABC owned-and-operated television station located in San Francisco, California. Their lifestyle program “Your California Life” airs weekdays from 9:00–10:00 AM, and they cover health, wellness, food, and more. Their website receives 4,693,945 unique visitors per month.

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