Intuition with Demi Moore

In this Rogue Spotlight, best selling author Laura Day (How to Rule the World from Your Couch) and Demi Moore chat about intuition from their couch!!

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  1. Avalon Moon
    Avalon Moon says:

    Something I will take from this interview is to “let go” of my investment in the outcome. (Although easier said than done.) It will require TRUST…BIG TIME! Also, related, but not spoken in the video: Acknowledge the intuitive hit so that I am less likely to be swayed by the desires of others. -“Phew!”- good stuff!

  2. Brett Combs
    Brett Combs says:

    For my part I feel the connection to intuition to be most present in the lessons we learn from commitment to physical action. To experience flow as an athlete is to inhabit the most basic characteristics of the human condition only with a bit more acuity. We calculate trajectories, track the inbound terrain and intuitively choose the fastest apex, the best landing, and do the appropriate thing at the appropriate time in the appropriate way.

    We are essentially skilling beings. We are always already interpenetrating with the world with a reserve of articulating skills. This field of articulating skills is a register which goes from those skills lease confounding to those most confounding. To be intuitive is to draw from the reserve of skills to inform your actions when you might otherwise be confounded and turn to problem solving and the analytical.

  3. Jan
    Jan says:

    It really hit home when Demi said our own wants and desires can fog our intuition, great point, and to more so to remember to “let go” of things.

  4. mark pinto
    mark pinto says:

    great interview and by the way both of you look way way younger than your actual age! i wonder if its your diet, the way you handle stress or genetics? i am sure you dont need it but it would be great if your videos hade a facebook share button. thanks for sharing i think it helped me

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      Thank you for the compliment! I wish I knew how to put a share button on but I think one can cut and paste the link. I am roaming with the dinosaurs in this realm.

  5. Mary
    Mary says:

    Thanks to both of you for the video conversation. I’ve read Practical Intuition and found it to be one of the easiest books to acually bring my psychic ablilities alive. Or as you put it intuition. Ive been reading alot of books on this subject. However the chapter about horseracing gave me a game or tool to practice. I notice that I do much better when I don’t bet. That is of course because of the pressure and like Demi said about when we have a vested interest in the outcome.
    But I have through that book and that chapter really confirmed that intuition is real and have learned more about how mine works. I love Demi in the movies and it’s so cool to see she is friends with Laura and bringing Intuition into the everyday world where it belongs

  6. Patricia Heller
    Patricia Heller says:

    In light of recently over-publicized events in Demi’s life, I hope she can come back to embodying herself, as she has learned from you. I see her filling her being to capacity not only with her highest self, but unending Universal healing and love, leaving no room for her or others’ thoughts, criticisms, or regrets. May she realize her relationship was not a failure but a wonderful passage to what’s next.

    After my older husband’s death twenty years ago, (he was the third important man in my life and unequivocally my great love), at 44 I sang my way into Juilliard, at 48 spent the night alone in the Great Sphinx in Egypt as an initiation to higher consciousness, and at 50 wrote my way into Yale, things it seems I needed to do to prove to myself that I am good enough. Amazing what A’s in ivy league and sleeping with the Sphinx did for my self esteem. I share this to show there are other things to accomplish in life than a constant “forever” relationship.

    By the way Laura, someday when we meet, which I feel we will, I want to tell you the influence you had on my life after Alfred’s death. Actually I think I wrote about reading “Practical Intuition” in my book, in the chapter called, “American Walkabout.” I am reading your “Couch” book now and so once again I thank you dear lady.

    • Laura Day
      Laura Day says:

      She is embodying herself! At times like this I am so happy that I am “nobody” as we all have challenges and we all get frayed but most of us do not have people making up drama’s about us! I am constantly touched by her beauty , loyalty and friendship and very happy that she has trained herself over the years not to read press! Thank you for your kind thoughts. We all need healing!
      Thank you for sharing your story about your husband’s death. I am amazed by your courage and creativity. I live by “Couch” and when I forget to I get into trouble (or I create trouble so that I can let go, move on and grow).

  7. Helen
    Helen says:

    it is important that people know the true meaning about (Intuition) and i was touched about the way you and Demi expressed it, your positive energy Laura is wonderful i look forward to reading your book and enjoyed your blog.


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