Intuition & the Subconscious: Their Roles Defined

In this video, Laura Day explains the role of intuition and the role of the subconscious. It is an excerpt from Laura’s free monthly Barnes & Noble workshop in New York City.

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  1. fran
    fran says:

    I enjoyed getting a clear understanding of what each part of my mind can do. And I would always like to add that meeting someone like the Dalai Lama or a very highly developed tantric practitioner, or zen master like Suzuki Roshi is an opportunity to stretch oneself to a higher level of functioning. There are beings with smaller amounts that need cleaning up and there are higher and higher methods of cleaning up. Some work faster than others. And sometimes your motivationg to apply a method can be speeded up by someone who has developed themselves to a higher level. So these are the people I would like to have diner with,if only to feel their energy or gain some wisdom. I hope you have a chance some day to experience this. love

  2. sophiasmiles
    sophiasmiles says:

    This video really helped me understand the interplay of subconscious and intuition. Thank you. For those of you who think about reading Couch…open it. When you DO the work in couch and integrate with our Circle, you will change your life.


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