Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of the circle. I would like to share my success story using the circle. I suffer from polycystic ovarian syndrome which makes it difficult to conceive. My husband and I struggled with infertility. During this time I was on a downward spiral and could barely cope with life as was my obsession with getting pregnant. I then happen to find the circle. Amazingly I was watching an episode of Friends, and Monica (Courtney Cox) was sat in the coffee shop holding a book during one of the dialogues. I looked at the book and it was titled “intuition in love” so I looked up the book and that’s when I came to know of Laura Day. The only book my local bookstore carried of yours was the Circle so I went with that. The excitement and hope that I found in reading your book was unparallel to anything I had ever felt. My focus changed from thoughts of not being able to get pregnant to trusting my body’s ability to bear a child. I went out and bought two baby books that I created a ritual of each night reading to my baby. Each morning I took a prenatal pills in anticipation for my pregnancy and I would imagine the pill dissolving into my bloodstream and preparing my body for growing a child. I went out and bought a copy of the book “What to expect when you are expecting”, after all I needed to know what was going to happen and what to do when I was pregnant. Inside the cover of the book I wrote the date April 29th, 2008. I had decided this was the day I was going to give birth. (It was June 2007 at this time). My entire being changed focus from not having a child to what life would be when the child did arrive. I practiced my meditation each night. I had planned to start fertility medication September 2007. My prescription was already filled. However, on August 18th I got a positive pregnancy result. My beautiful healthy son was born on April 24, 2008. He is the joy of our life and I cannot thank you enough for helping me learn how to create this reality for myself.

Warmest regards,
– F

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