Hi Laura,

Here is an example of one of your lesson’s about telepathy in action:

Your Lesson: If one of your family members went out shopping for you, and you forgot to tell them to get some milk, send them a positive image of purchasing milk at the store.

What Happened: I was in Las Vegas with a friend and he lost his cell phone in one of two places. He went off to a casino down the street to look for it while I went to look for it at a food court. I found the cell phone at the food court and then waited for him come back. I had a feeling when he did not find the phone at the casino he would then trudge through the other casinos we had been to that night. It was late and I did not want to wait for him that long. I sent him a feeling of happiness and elation that his cell phone was found. When he came back, I told him I sent him a vibe and I wanted to know if he noticed anything. He said he decided to look in some more casinos when he did not find his phone at the first casino, but then happy thoughts filled his head. He remembered some good times he had with me when we were in high school, and the memories were so good, he felt he should come back and see if I had found his phone.

Thanks for the great lesson!
– P

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